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  1. Thank you! It's looking like I get to pick her up on Saturday. I can't wait!
  2. greysmom, it's like you are living in my brain! LOL What was that thing, you know that thing! Oh wait! Tractor Supply?
  3. Thank you! I will look into them too Some pictures of the little gal https://photos.app.goo.gl/bhLCkaXxcNiFsjAt1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/BX2ML7SY0kjcCmjZ2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/nswOjlvTQOgvocMm2
  4. Thank you!!!!!!! Please let me know if you remember! I'll check out the other Ruffwear stuff. They need more colors! This little girl can't clash, the horror! LOL She's going to be in the Ruffwear Webmaster for her transport so she'll be safe, just not fashionable.
  5. Facebook really does stalk your thoughts! Thanks so much!
  6. Is this spook harness pretty much my only option? http://www.majesticcollars.com/harness.htm
  7. We are soon bringing home a new lurcher. I was able to meet her this past weekend and she has "Fly like a Kite" acrobatics down! She's only 19 months so hopefully she'll grow out of that at some point. I prefer to train all my pups to walk off a collar with zero pressure, but want to make sure I am paranoidly doing everything to make sure there is not accidental loose dogs during the next few years of her training. We also travel often, which equals to lots of leash time. I already ordered a strap to connect from her martingale to a harness. But what harness do I use? Her color is going to be neon green, so preferably something secure that has that as an option. I'm familiar with the 2 Hounds (used to be Wiggles Wags Whiskers), but am aware they can be gotten out of by athletic escape artists. We use the Ruffwear harnesses as mobility harnesses. They are secure, but don't have a fun neon green color. What else is there? I need to do some shopping!
  8. Fill a Crock-Pot with chicken quarters and water. Cook on low for 24 hours until the bones turn to mush. Let that cool and try to feed him that with his kibble. 😀 Should go over like a party Oh and for pills, try tiny pieces of cheap Walmart ice cream sandwiches. I split the sandwich in half long wise and then 4-5 cuts to cube it. That amount of chocolate (let's be serious, is it really even chocolate?) Should be okay. At his age, feed him what he wants. Give a placebo piece then one with a couple pills in it.
  9. Oatmeal gives my pups instant diarrhea! If it's working for you though, go with it! After age 10, they get anything that works! 😂 I've found that raw psyllium husks work better than beet bulp for us. I think it's all about soluble fiber vs non soluble fiber. What works for one, won't work for all!
  10. I am so excited for Dewey!! We are arriving Wed and staying at what used to be the Best Western in Dewey. Now it's the Gold Leaf. Right on the beach! We never do get second bed beds after the dogs decide their first walk needs to go onto the beach! And if anyone wants to rob our house, they will be so sad... 😂 Nothing is expensive or in good working order! The pipes aren't even copper!
  11. I triple bag and throw them down on the driveway to separate. 😀
  12. Thanks! It was definitely a gamble! Can't wait to let our vet know when we go back in October!
  13. So far the liquid is being a comparable solution. No backslide and she seems to be holding steady
  14. You should be fine! I've used both medications with Sunshine over the years. She's been raw fed since her first night with us. But both medications never really did much to help her. The Tylan was the fix to all her odd digestive things. Also if you are using those meds to help with acid reflux stuff, slippery elm tea can help. It's always worked better for us
  15. If she's eating kibble, try putting it in a Kong. So she has to tip it around to get all the food out
  16. Thanks! Unfor she is a picky eater. Won't eat the packaged kraft cheese slices. She needs string cheese or blocked expensive cheese. LOL Little monster! Actually 1/2 tsp is a higher dose than she is currently on! So that makes me feel a little better! The capsules work well, just are a pain for me. Although a syringe & liquid will be a diff type of pain. Experiment ahoy!
  17. I have an update! Our vet has never had anyone ask to use the liquid version. Plus I shouldn't feel bad about not being able to find the mg per tsp. She couldn't find it either! Although she had a much wiser method of troubleshooting. She told me to go home and call the manufacturer's number that is on the container of Tylan Powder and ask them! 10 minute phone call and I learned that a loosely packed 1/8 tsp = 325 mg. This is for the Elanco brand, but I would guess they should all be approx the same. Also rcvd the disclaimer from the manufacturer Dr that the tsp measurement will NOT be exact! It's only a ball park figure. He was also a little concerned that I was going to try to use the liquid version. Neither the liquid or powder version is approved for use in dogs. He stressed at least 3 times to make sure I talk to my vet. I don't think he believed my story that the vet gave me homework and asked me to report the answer back. I suppose you know your true level of crazy, when the vet gives you homework and wants a response back. The 3/8 tsp dosage that she gets twice a day is approx 925 mg. So I ordered the syringes with extra long 5" needles on Amazon. We will start the liquid on Friday. I'll know within a couple weeks if it's working or not. Worst case scenario, Sunshine goes back on a blank diet for a few weeks and we move back to the powder. Best case scenario we save $23 a month + capsule cost + the hours I spend filling the capsules. Over a year that's a decent hunk of savings. Will report back when I know more about the success of trying this!
  18. Interesting! So my calculations could be WAY off! Thanks! I'll be sure to run it by the vet before we do anything. I actually bought a bottle of Tylan 200, so we can take it on with us on Aug 1st. Make sure there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding. That would put her at a 600mg twice a day dosage.
  19. She doesn't get the slippery elm at the same time as other meds. And I actually Googled and maybe she's not getting a ton comparatively. The adult dose is Tea: Pour 2 cups boiling water over 4 g (roughly 2 tablespoons) of powdered bark, then steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Drink 3 times per day. Her mixture lasts about a week. So it's less slippery elm powder than the human dose for a day! The 1/8tsp for a few days had zero immediate impact. The Dr started us out at 1/4tsp twice a day and bumped it up to 1/2 tsp twice a day within 3 weeks. Over the past year we tried lowering to 1/8,and increased it back up to 3/8tsp. Unfortunately she does have something going on inside of her. We don't know exactly what. Dr's best guess a couple years ago was IBD. It's not worth the stress of a biopsy. The Tylan works, along with the slippery elm. At this point we count our blessings and don't question why it's working! 😀 A couple years ago I even had Gary come to the Dr's visit with me, because I wasn't sure we were all going to leave. It wasn't a simple case of runny poops. 😢 her weight dropped off so fast that cancer was all of our guesses (including the vet)
  20. Unfortunately pepcid and every other otc thing I've tried for her doesn't seem to work. We've been battling that for 5 years before her possible ibd flare up that started the Tylan. She takes a ridiculous amount of slippery elm. The "tea" is so strong that it's essentially more solid than liquid. 1 quart of boiling water to 7-8 heaping teaspoons of powder. I hit that with an immersion blender and she gets about 1/4 cup twice a day. Luckily she seems to like the taste! I didn't think of looking for the Tylan in Canada! That gives me tomorrow's research project! Thanks! I'm just super happy every day that the Tylan worked for her. It was definitely scary times!
  21. No issues getting a rx for it. Vet is well aware she is on it forever. Just the fact that if I can save dollars with the same result, and not have to pack capsules... That's a win! We originally used a few rounds of Flagyl before panicking at her sudden weight loss and rushing to the vet, braced for really bad news. She was fine when on it, but as soon as she was off, the issue returned immediately. Even with the staggering of a couple days on and a couple days off, there is a risk of the neurological scariness that long term Flagyl can have. Staggering should be low risk, and that might be our go to if Tylan powder ever stops working. It took 6 months of a bland diet before she could eat real food again once we started the Tylan Powder. Now I just have have to be aware of the fat in her diet. She can still have the occasional pig ear, just not all the time. If we lower the dosage of Tylan powder, she immediately gets pukey after drinking water. My guess is acid reflux stuff? She's also on slippery elm for that. Well be interesting to see what the vet says. Worst case scenario, if the liquid doesn't work as well and we just put her back on a bland diet again and move her back to the powder. Interesting that you saw the powder was more effective... Was it a higher dose? Maybe it's just absorbed differently as a powder.
  22. So I could get the Tylan 200 and give 5mL twice a day. That bottle is $70 and would last me 50 days. Right now with the Tylan Powder it comes in 100 grams which is approx 20 tsp. So 20 x 8 = 160 Divide 160 by 3 (for her 3/8 dosage) = 53.33 doses Divided by 2 (for her twice a day dosage) and that gets me 26 days to a powdered container. The powdered Tylan costs about $55 - $60 a container. So *IF* I did all that math right, it is a huge chunk of savings! I feel like I can take on the world now! Phew! Tylan Powder $2.12 a day Tylan 200 $1.40 a day Hopefully someone will find this helpful!!!!! Plus I won't have to stuff the pills for hours every couple months
  23. And I just had to google how to add fractions together because I couldn't remember. Guess what boys and girls, you DO use that math later in life! According to this site https://www.justanswer.com/dog-health/7l889-22-lb-dog-needs-100-mg-tylosin-two-times-daily.html There is about 84 mg in 1/32 of a teaspoon of the Tylan Powder. 4 of that equals 1/8th tsp. 84mg x 4 = 336mg. She takes 3/8 of a tsp, so she's getting 3 X 336mg = 1008mg twice a day? That seems so high.... but I think that's right? Is everyone laughing at me yet? ETA with the 3/8tsp or 1000mg dosage twice a day the cost is Tylan Powder $2.12 a day Tylan 200 $1.40 a day Hopefully someone will find this helpful!!!!! Plus I won't have to stuff the pills for hours every couple months
  24. So I'm down the rabbit hole into chicken websites (since Tylan is meant for chickens) and apparently they give the injection liquid orally to chickens too! People are saying it's cheaper than the powder. Only I cannot figure out how many mg 3/8 of tsp of the powder is. The smallest amount I could probably measure out for the injection stuff is 50mg per mL. My current syringes are 1-5mLs. Hmmm..... Our poor Vet! The app in first thing in the morning too! I'm going to ask for high math skills! LOL No idea why they moved the powder to an rx... Saving us from ourselves? So does anyone know how many mgs are in a teaspoon of Tylan Powder? I think the Tylan 200 is WAY to concentrated for us to use. But maybe the Tylan 50 would be cheaper... KV Vet does have it for around the same price as Amazon did. So that's a backup plan!
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