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  1. Thanks so much! I'll get pics sent this week.
  2. Hi, thanks for doing this. I adopted WW's Crystal Cut this fall. I'd love to hear her story. I know she had a litter of pups before coming to me. Also, as you mention in the post above, I'd love to have my information and her pictures added. Could I email them to you? I can't post pictures here any more with the new Photobucket issue.
  3. Love it! Running off to show it to the husband...
  4. Got a photo to embed! Halloween Witch Dog Towel (2) by MSLatin, on Flickr
  5. Halloween Witch Dog Towel (2) by MSLatin, on Flickr
  6. Howl-O-Ween Hounds have landed at Hound Street Boutique! Sorry to make you click a link but Photobucket seems to have stopped working and the various options I've been trying to use to post a picture won't work. https://www.houndstreetboutique.com/product-page/howl-o-ween-hounds
  7. She's such a sweetie! She has come such a long ways. I remember the pics you posted of her and you could just see in her eyes how nervous she was. So different now! (BTW, Chloe says "hi!")
  8. Back in stock and now with a belt/waistband clip option! (The picture below is my first "batch" of bags with a brown button. My newest batch has black buttons, but I didn't want to fight with Photobucket to upload my new pictures.) Belt / Waistband Clip here. Cross Body Strap here.
  9. This is what I came up with and (FINALLY) got to make up now that the Christmas rush is over - a belt-clip style. Right now, I only have it made up in a solid, dark-wash denim. I will be gradually adding the belt-clips to my most popular styles and testing them out on other (hopefully!) more masculine fabrics. If a belt-clip suits your needs and if there is any particular fabric that you (and anyone else) are interested in, please contact me (preferably through Etsy - there's a "contact shop owner" button) and I would be happy to put together a custom order for you in your preferred fabric (provided I have it in stock or it is still available for purchase). I am SO happy to add this style to my shop! Link to listing
  10. New (surprise!) product in my shop! My husband ordered me this pattern and fabric for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE my new purse! I thought maybe other dog lovers would be interested in something similar, so I snapped some pics and wrote up a listing. The fabric comes from Spoonflower and I wrote up the listing such that shoppers can choose their own fabric and I will use that fabric - so greyhound fabric for greyhound lovers, chihuahua fabric for chihuahua lovers, Dr. Who Fabric for Doctor Who lovers (this is a future project of mine)! Or, if you love mine as is, I'll make one up just like it! This listing includes free US shipping and international customers end up paying about half ($15 USD) and I pay the other half. https://www.etsy.com/listing/501539707/womens-custom-handbag-crossbody-bag?ref=shop_home_active_1 Yes...I know it's pricey! But I pour my heart and soul into crafting beautifully constructed products and this is a time consumer for sure!
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