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Bye-bye My Sweet Blackberry

Guest Bethroze

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Guest Bethroze

DH just left for the vet with Blackberry. This TBD has advanced so far that it seems cruel to make her suffer more. I have stayed home to hold her brother, Ghost, and take away food dishes, collars and beds. This has to be one of the hardest things in the world to do.


We will adopt another grey. Is there an appropriate time to wait? I would go today if I could. Not that my baby could ever be replaced, she was our first greyhound and our first family dog, but it is so wonderful to feel the unconditional love and know that you are making room to save one more. I also don't want Ghost to grieve too much. He is being grumpy and growling more. Does this mean he is trying to adjust the pack order because Berry was weak?


Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. :(

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Guest greydogluvr

I'm so sorry. No words can provide you with enough comfort, but please know that Berry is now free of pain and running free. Big hugs and prayers for comfort are coming your way. :f_pink:gh_run:brokenheart

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I'm sorry. There is no special appropriate timeline for getting another dog. Of course you are not replacing your darling. But turning a sad time into a happy time makes good sense, both for you and for Ghost. And giving another hound a happy home is a wonderful tribute to Blackberry.


That said, I was surprised by my reaction when our Simon died a little over a year ago. I'd thought I'd want to add another hound to our pack right away, but I found myself having the strangest reactions to Simon's death, actually resenting my 3 healthy, happy hounds for being alive while she was dead. It made no sense to me intellectually, but emotionally it was there, and I had no desire to add another hound to our home for awhile.


So my advice would be to listen to your heart, don't feel any external pressure to do what's 'right' or what's 'wrong'. Do what you feel best about doing.


When we got Spinner, 2 months after Simon died, he helped dispel the worst of the lingering grief that hung over us. He was a horrible handful, but that distracted us, and it was good. I don't know if it took us longer to bond with him because it was so soon after Simon's death or because he was such a pistol--maybe a little of each. But it all turned out for the best in the end.



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Beth, I am so sorry it came to this ending. You did everything possible to help her but it was not to be. If your heart is ready to accept another greyhound than listen to it. Blackberry will never be replaced but you have lots of love to give to another greyhound. In a way you are honoring her memory by giving your home & love to a new one.


Ghost could be reacting to all the stress & grief your family is feeling at the illness and loss of Blackberry. And he could be grieving for her in his own way as well.


May you find comfort for your heartache in all the wonderful memories you have of your time with this beautiful girl.


:f_pink :f_pink :f_pink




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I'm so sorry. Blackberry will send you a new family member when you're ready, just listen to your heart.

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I am so sorry to read this today. When I saw Blackberry's photo last night, she looked just like Brandy on the day she left. Her stomach was swollen just like Blackberry's. Today is Brandy's one year anniversary at the bridge. I am sure she is there to welcome your sweet girl.

I share your tears and hope your heart can mend.

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I am so sorry. Godspeed Beautiful Girl...:grouphug:f_pink


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Guest EmilyAnne

Oh no, I am so sorry. :( Run free Blackberry. :gh_run You are healed of your pain now.


And about adopting again, don't worry that you are 'replacing' Blackberry. There is no such thing. When I adopt a new dog after one has passed, I think of it as I have a spot open in my home, and it would be a shame ot let it go to waste. Two dogs is our limit, with one being special needs. The amount of time between hounds is no reflection on wether or not if you are replacing the last hound, cause there's just no such thing. So, if you feel ready to adopt right now, I'd go for it. I have a friend who is very dedicated to her dogs, and the last time one passed on, she adopted a new dog that day, and has no regrets. So, if you need some time between hounds, by all means, take all the time you need, or, if you feel it would be helpful to adopt ASAP, then adopt ASAP. You know what is right for you and your family.


ETA: When Alfalfa passed on, I wanted to adopt right away, but was afraid of what others would think. One day someone said I should wait until I am finished grieving Alfalfa, then adopt. It was that day I decided to adopt ASAP, because I will NEVER be 'finished' grieving for Alfalfa or any of my other bridge babies. I adopted Henry on the one month anniversary of Alfalfa's passing, and it helped me and my whole family tremendously, and I really think Alfalfa could see us from heaven and was happy to see Henry as part of our family and how much it helped us.

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I'm very sorry :(:grouphug

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Guest greytbookert

I'm so sorry!


You'll know when you are ready for another hound. For us, after losing Booker, we waited about four months before Mama Ro walked into our life. But for some others, it is longer period of time and others it is shorter. Your heart will let you know.



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I am so so so sorry.



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Guest BradyzMommy

I'm so sorry. There is no perfect time to adopt; it is different for every person. For me, adopting another grey helped heal my heart and give me something to focus my attention. :grouphug


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