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Sucky Visit To Nelly At Hospital

Guest Greensleeves

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Guest Greensleeves

So Nelly's scheduled to come home tomorrow from her IV therapy for kidney disease. She's been feeling a little better every time we've come to visit, had a little more to eat for us, etc...


...Until this afternoon. We got there, and they brought her out--she was wearing an e-collar that was smeared with blood, was dragging her bad leg, hadn't peed in 16 hours, and had pulled out her catheter TWICE.


I'll spare you the rest of the details of the visit, but it turns out they haven't been giving her her pain medicine!! Medicine THEY prescribed! She's missed SIX doses! :angryfire


I'm appalled. When they asked the doctor, he said it was because "she didn't appear to be painful." Yes, that's why she's on the medicine! :headwall You'd think it would be obvious to anyone that a dog with severe arthritis would need her medicine even if she didn't LOOK like she was in pain! She's got a bottle of tramadol hanging on the front of her crate, and yet when she starts not walking on her leg, they go, "Huh. She wasn't doing that before. :blink: "


So, yes, this is partly our fault--we should not have assumed that they would be giving her all her medicines, just because they prescribed them and we brought them and they're hanging right on her crate. We should have been asking all along. But still. Sigh. She was an absolute frantic wreck, but we finally got her dosed up and fed and calmed down (and peed! She almost fell asleep outside in the sun). When we left she was relaxed and looked ready to fall asleep for a good few hours.


Up until this incident, they have been FABULOUS, and I did have absolute faith in them. But it's an important reminder that you need to trust your doctors--but be smart and aware and use your own judgement and familiarity with your animals when necessary.


And, yes, we'll be calling again to check in about an hour here.

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I am so sorry this happened. I would have come unglued, that's for sure. She's been through enough! And I'm sorry, I don't see where it is partially your fault. Just not right. I'll be glad to read that she's at home


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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So sorry. It's not a good feeling when you put your trust in your vet and staff, and then they let you down...but sheeesh they let Nelly down too. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

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Am sorry Nelly and you had to experience this. I have not posted much on this board but I do manage a Veterinary Hospital. I would be livid if my staff had meds hanging on the cage door and did not give them.


That said, we all need to be pro-active in our pets healthcare as well as our own. Wishing you and Nelly the best and that with her pain meds she will be comfortable.



CAROL & Molleigh (Queen Molly)
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I am so sorry. Nelly needs to urinate frequently and she needs to be comfortable. Kiss her for me. :grouphug


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Guest SLM4956
I am so sorry! I have often wondered what happned in the back of the Vet's when they take my babies from me...I shudder now! I applaud you for standing up for your Nelly!! :clap
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I am so Sorry, that must have been devastating when you saw her. :grouphug You want to think they are getting the best of care when they are at the vets.

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I'd be angry and sad, too. Hope you can get them whipped into shape for Miss Nelly's sake. And hope she is home and doing well tomorrow!

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Poor Nelly! I am glad you got things straightened out, I would have been furious. I hope she gets to come home on schedule, sending prayers.

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Poor Nelly! Thank goodness her loving family arrived to get things straightened out for her.


I don't blame you for being beyond annoyed with the vet's office staff. They should not have to be reminded to give prescribed meds. However, you are so right--it always pays to check, double check and confirm.



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Awful! I'm so sorry for Nelly and you. Mostly Nelly!! :(

For you: :bighug

Good lesson, and thanks to you for sharing it with us. It's a bummer to have to learn from experience, but better if a LOT of people learn from it!!


My Inspirations: Grey Pogo, borzoi Katie, Meep the cat, AND MY BELOVED DH!!!
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Guest Greensleeves

Well, I'm barely able to even articulate the developments in Nelly's situation... but the good news is she's home and resting comfortably... after a rough several hours.




1. We called back after a couple of hours, and DH actually spoke to the specialist. He didn't give the meds b/c nausea can be a side effect, and I guess he felt it was more important to prevent that (the key focus in kidney disease). I'm sure he didn't realize how severe her arthritis was.


2. Nelly apparently has a whole lot more spunk and energy than most dogs in her condition. She was barking and wagging her tail, and pulling out her catheter--and those are the signs they use to know when a dog is ready to go home.


3. They discharged her last night. Which is good. However, in her spunk and energy, combined with the lameness from not getting her pain meds, she managed to SPRAIN HER KNEE! :headwall Sprain her freaking knee--and not on the bad leg, either. Oh, no--the GOOD knee! So she came home to us barely able to walk! She spent the first five or six hours here dragging herself around, trying to find a comfortable place to rest (and a dark one--she was in an ICU for 3 days, where they never even get to dim the lights). Finally, around midnight, I gave her another dose of her tramadol, and she slept pretty much straight through the night, plus all morning.


Anyway, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. We did not (obviously) want to send her to the hospital to get WORSE! But she's comfortable as she can be, and we're doing all we can.



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