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  1. I'm glad Flizzie os AOK. Miss Chris, try knot to feel to guilty and upset wif yourself. Remember that humans can't be perfect like us houndies. Charlie, that's good news that there is improvement wif Zorro. Maybe he needs that hobby to keep him mind occupied--carry toys out then carry toy back in. Warsh and repeat! Miss Jennie, enjoy that long-awaited bowl ob pockcorms! Mam, that is the kinda hunting that Ma's Daddy used to do--mostly spend time outdoors wif buddies. Nate
  2. What a great birthday celebration for Sweep!
  3. I dunno, AndiPants. I'd take that as a compliment. Who could expect us houndies knot to know we're hot stuff! Miss Elizabeth, it costs a lot ob monies to be a human, doesn't it? Enjoy your new toof! Wiki, how funny. I suppose Mistress was trying to gib you some exercise. You just be sure to return the favor to her today! She'll lub it. Zeke and I must be related! I too am a loud and vigorous motivational speaker. FancyPants, you run a tight ship wifout the snark, it seems. What a great picture you bought, Miss Banessa! Wow! Ma is really sad to know that Grandy's Zee is gone and that he marks the last of the FTH houndies. Ma enjoyed watching those litters grow, seeing the adoptions unfold, and eben watching some ob the races of FTH houndies. She did knot expect to adopt an FTH pup herownself and then there was the magic ob MoMo Meany Pants (FTH Chyna Moon). Ma felt so lucky and was so blessed. Nate
  4. Ha! Miss RE Carol, Ma is eating her big salad for lunch and is sitting right beside the buckets, coir, and drill bits she needs to make those garden wermeries. She's gonna do it, butt prolly knot until next spring. By then she should be really and truly retired, unlike now when her plans are full ob projects and yet her brain is tied to the desk and the computer. Snicker snicker Pippin, Ma always says my self esteem is quite extreme! I got a Wiki Walkie at lunch time today. Another house is being built in owr neighborhood. There is a bobocat machine and a portapotty so they must be about to get down to business. Nate
  5. Wiki, Ma thinks you are a "real cutie" while I'm just real jealous. Cute houndie ears, Mam! Nate, whose yesterday was OK butt kinda boring.
  6. Ivy! Peanut butter! I don't get the jars anymore on account ob they are plastic and I chew 'em. I also did knot cover myownself with glory a couple ob days ago. I grabbed a handkerchief out ob Ma's purse and, as she tried to lure me to drop it for a cookie, I real qwick swallowed it right down and then went to get my cookie! SCORE! Ma watched and worried and low and behold, yesterday a barfed that hankie right up on Auntie Ann's chair. Miss Doc Robin, what a wonderful thing to be part ob, creating a troo lub match betwixt that young lady and a special horse. Pippin, there may be bigger problems in the whirled, butt I fink Miss Kerry gets to spend some ob her unhappys on a big move and a longer commute to SEE YOU at lunch. for Miss Kerry. Ma had a Zoom meeting yesterday that got mildly fractious. It was bof entertaining and infuriating. You know, I agree wif you about those ober-the-top earsies on the dawg Miss Kerry is enamored wif. I fink ears like that appeal to owr weirdo humans. Howeber, I bet we can all agree about how spectacular that tree is! AndiPants, I hope Flizzie will begin to sort out the eating wifout teefs and will soon be feeling 100%. Cherry has conquered stairs! CK, that was a real unpleasant interruption for Miss Halise. Ob course she expected that rude late night call to be about her Dad. If she goes in to werk today she can be as grumpy as she wants. If she stays home wif you on account ob that ear ache I bet she won't end up grumpy at all! Oh no! She is werking from home so you are gonna hab to deal wif the grumps today, CK. Poor boy. I went on a Wiki walkie yesterday wif bof Ma and Auntie Ann. That was fun! Nate
  7. Checking in and delighted to learn that Felicity is doing pretty well after all ob those toofer got tooken out. Lots ob nice soft food, made extra special for her. It is a good to know that all is well. Great photos ob the Dewy trip, Miss Kathy. Thank you for sharing. Nate
  8. Miss Banessa got a choochoo train ride! Hab fun at visiting you Mom. Miss Chris, it is troo that lots ob cole crops gets better after a nip ob frost. Miss Kathy, is "fuss" what you call garden projuice were you lib? Neato! Ma grew up hearing it called garden "sass". What wonderful photos ob your Dewy trip! That is a beautiful house and yard and you stayed wif the most amazing collection ob sight houndies! Flizzie, I got my paws and stuff crossed for your dentil. I bet that medication you are taking will keep you safe. Ah, Mam habs the closing ob the Inn today. I hope that it was a good season wif fun and well behaved guests. Ma's gotta work about half ob today butt I hab been assured that my Wiki Walkie will be coming my way this afternoon. Nate
  9. Ice cream, pizza bones, sleepovers, shopping wif your Troo Lub. This Dewy gig sounds marvelous! Keep the stories and pictures coming! Plus seeing a flying squirrel!! Laila, how exciting that a house in your own neighborhood is a possiblity! Miss Carol Ann, that picture is great! Nutmeg, your Mom is making the best out ob a bad situation wif this deferred and deferred again eyeball surgery. She's a good sport. We finally had a day ob sunshine and now rain! I got a wiki walkie and say neighbors werking in their yards butt no other dogs. No one petted me. What a swizz! (Thank you for that phrase, Nutmeg.) All in all, we got 3.5 inches ob rain ober last week. Nate
  10. Miss Robin, you got Ma beat on that one. She'd hab fixed that too. Roman, what color ob new harness are you gonna make Miss Banessa buy for you wif all your shenanigan's? I'm glad your limp is knot more serious than that. Laila, your folks are making lots ob big, planned, and well thought out moves toward moving. I think they're smart cookies to look for just the right house. Cherry and Ivy are at Dewy and already habing fun! Lookit Mam's 3 cuties on that comfy bed together. Pippin! We're on your side, no matter what! Miss RE Carol performed a dramatic frog/toad rescue. Mer'c almost on his way to Dewy! Well, this is day 5 for me ob steady rain. There is, right at this bery moment, a soggy squirrel gobbling bird seed from the big feeder. Ma's gotta go grocery shopping today so she's gonna get wet. I fink I'll nap mostly, though I don't particularly mind going out in drizzles. It is pouring, knot drizzling. At least there hasn't been much thunder during this loooong bout ob rain. Nate
  11. We manage to have both SNART and suncatchers.
  12. Well good grief, Miss RE Carol. That is just maddening. I'm so sorry that you're being inconvenienced in such a spectacular way. Wiki, I'm sorry Mistress is worried about your metal leggie butt I'm glad you are being bothered by it. I also hope eberyfing is OK wif it. Ma got a look at the official go-lice schedule and she's knot too terrified about not being able to get alla her stuff done in the allotted time. She's scheming away about how to get some extra time by starting early, if she can get folks to projuice 3 spreadsheets they send her for migration to send 'em before the Chrispmix holiday. I hope all the Dewy events will be great fun and that there will be terrific meet ups in the the furs and skins! MIss Halise, just don't do what Ma did and retire butt knot really retire. Don't do that. Get to enjoy retirement right from the start. We're heading into day 4 ob rain. Ma is happy for the garden and the shrubs and plants. I'm tried ob the clouds and wet and gloom. The blind guys came back late in the afternoon and got eberyfing installed! They got back to the company and the owner told 'em a different way to mound the brackets that let the blinds fit just fine. They were real nice young fellows who petted me and liked the cats. They cleaned up after themselves too, which made Ma happy. The new blinds look almost exactly like the old ones except that they don't hab any broken or chewed on slats. Yet. Nate, really more ob a fan ob paper products
  13. Miss Chris, I hope your Mom's surgery goes well. Lesse, things come in threes...Miss Kathy poked her eyeball, Miss Chris' Mom's got eye surgery, and now we learn that Guest's eyeball has done somefing weird and knot good. My eyes don't werk and neither do Tiller's. This is all worrisome and I hope eberyone gets better soonest. I did knot get a walk yet. Ma keeps checking out the window and it keep raining. I did get pets from 2 nice fellows who came to install blinds. The took all the old ones down and starting putting up the first one. They realized there had been a measurement problem and none of the blinds will fit. They put the old blinds back up and took the new ones away. They may be able to cut a tiny bit off each one and be OK. If knot, they'll hab to order them all ober again. At least the blind peeps did the measuring, so the issue will knot cost Ma and Auntie Ann any ob my biskie money. They got all the disruption but no new blinds today. Nate
  14. Ma just sent out a Zoom invitation to a meeting "Go-lice" meeting. She ment go-live ob course. She howled wif laughter when she saw what she had done and told the recipients ob her boo boo that she was not gonna correct it 'cus it would make her laff ebery time she saw that on her calendar. Nate
  15. Sorta cosmic whack a mole? Truer words were never written! Ducky, the job is far too massive for people to do manually, though there is some manual "fixing" people will have to do after migration. The only thing we're having people manually add are open shop orders (each the instructions for making a specific roll of fabric) and open customer orders. It makes far more sense to write programs to do it automagically than to hand enter the shear volume of info for running a manufacturing company. As much as I'm whining and fussing, I am really kind of proud of how well this migration is going. Lucy Uh oh, Miz Ducky. Somebody missed their supper and you missed a treat. Flizzie looks real happy in her birfday photo! Hab some fun being sat upon, Gino. MIss Banessa, enjoy your visit to your Mom. Miss Elizabeth, I suppose foxes could hunt turnkeys BUTT turnkeys are big birdies. I'm knot sure who would win. Guest, that is scary about your eyeball. Plus paws and finkers crossed for healing and good vision. Miss Patsy, Ma says you can individually cut out about a third ob the old canes each year ober 3 years and it might stress the plant less. Ob course, she says whacking it down to 1' is also a fair plan for a plant that should hab flowers and doesn't. Bloom of Die! Ha Ha! Actually, she let the 6 boxwoods in front ob ths house get obergrown and did some reading on Google. She cut 'em all back to about 1' foot and all but one did great! Go for it! Nate
  16. FancyPants and Guest! I'm glad you are doing OK and that lots ob mostly good things like trips and visits hab been sammiched in between work (boo hiss) and eyeball troubles ( ). Hab the best time eber at the beach. Miz Ducky, Ma wishes she was herding sheep or ducks, eben cats! She's herding data out ob the old computer system that they run the company on and herding it into the new computer system they are gonna start running the company on. The two computer systems are real different and so they hadda go through a careful (and eber changing) task ob mapping where in the old system they could find the info the new system wanted and then also finding where in the new system they could put their own old unique important info. Sometimes they eben hadda make up places in the new system to put their important stuff! Then Ma hadda write a bunch ob computer programs to extract data from the old system, get it into the format expected by the new system--completely different, wouldn't you know? Then she hadda learn the new system's migration tools--fun but complicated and with the most cornfusing error messages she's eber seen. The whole process is a foul nest ob many computer files, computer programs, Excel spreadsheets, and SQL scripts. When it all goes well it takes Ma 3 long hard days to get it done plus one half day of setup and cleanup before she really gets rolling wherein she fiddles with spreadsheets and get her support stuff ready--she's got to track everything she does and note and explain alla the errors and issues. It sounds like Mistress is facing alla the same "fun" and prolly on a much bigger scale. Yeah...mapping, different rules about what's OK from one system to the other, lots ob people wrangling too. Fun times! Wiki, I lub that jumping habs a special song in Wisconsin! Ma has always found the song ob all her other hounds butt until now, I did knot yet hab my own song. I lub that we can share. Ma mostly tries knot to yell on account ob I get mad when she yells at me and I usually yell back Sometimes, when she's tired and at her wits end she yells butt knot usually for jumping butt for stealing food off her plate or off Aunie Ann's. It sounds like maybe you were receptive to Mistress Big Yell, so that's OK. She was, perhaps, acting like a broodie and setting limits and you could respect that. Ma's alma mater, Virginia Tech, does knot jump but the students emit a raucous turkey gobble sound during feets ball games. Molly, those are spectacular birdies! Waay bigger than any birds in owr bird baff for sure. What kind ob birds are they? Well, we got thunder, lightening, and rains today. Ma's migrating and I'm napping. Nate
  17. That's a great story. I hope Lewis and his new human have a great future together.
  18. I got my nice Wiki Walkie in spite ob the migration woes! Ma said I walked really well wif her wifout pulling. Wiki, we hab the same problem here--I get REALLY excited and eager to go walkies and I bounce and bonk into Ma and jump about so much she can't get the leach on me. Except today! I put my head right in the leach. I'm such a good boy. Merc, I'm sorry your Dad is traveling again but I hope you enjoy habing Miss Elizabeth all to yourself. Nate
  19. Pippin and Miss Kerry Wiki, I fink maybe they should just stop the migrations and stay where they are. I mean, migrations seem to me to be nuffin' butt trouble. If they don't stop 'em like smart cookies, then I hope boff owr humans get 'em finished soon. Double Big doings at Lailas house and, best news, Laila is feeling good! Fingers (Ma) and paws (me) crossed that you find just the right house and then sell your house--easy peasy and all smooth as silk. AndiPants donated blood to help other dogs. Ivy and Cherry, what a lubly experience, being blessed at your church. We're gonna hab rains today I fink and I endured a thunder and lightening storm last night. I fink I'll nap today to make up for alla the ruckus last night. Ma's gotta werk today. Nate
  20. I know! My sister and I have been enjoying the snips of Jaizeno's life with Maxi. Finger crossed for him to stay with us a bit longer.
  21. I am finally back. My week has been pretty good butt Ma's week hasn't. I got plenty ob Wiki Walkies and met an elderly neighbor Labadork who was nice enough butt raised his back fur at me. Plus I met a guy who was really excited to meet a Greyhound! Now I gotta Ivy and Cherry dodged Nutmeg, it's really nice that the birdies use your hairs for their nests. Ma's liddle Cavalier, Winston, has the softest, silkiest hair and Ma always let it loose in the yard for the birdies. Charlie, I think that if Zorro doesn't eat his food you should get it. Laila got a good vet report. Miss Halise, Ma and I are finking about you and your Dad. What a difficult time. Widget went walkabout. That does knot make the humans happy. Ma's test migration this time has been troublesome on account ob the company opened up a new shipping warehouse and added a bunch ob new locations--Ma migrates locations--and lots ob these new locations duplicate existing locations. The old system doesn't care on account ob it see they are in different warehouses butt the new system see them as duplicates and refuses to hab anything to do wif them. Ma hadda change 2 programs and reload 4 files trying to fix it. She'll be migrating into next week. She's knot a happy camper. I'm scoring plenty ob Wiki Walkies and I hab learned to demand the too. Nate
  22. It is wonderful to see her so relaxed and comfortable in herself.
  23. Miss Elizabeth. At least you kitchen counter is now extra specially clean. Plus also, you hab applebutter! Wiki go ice cream!? I am SO jealous! I just got fussed at for growling loud at Ma when she tried to get unnerwears out ob a drawer beside my bed. I'm knot sorry--she disturbed me! She's annoyed. What a way to start the day. Ma's doing another test migration this week so I'm unlikely to hab much fun. We tooka Wiki Walkie yesterday and I lubbed it. Maybe at least I'll get Wiki Walkies. Nate
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