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Greyhound At Dewey

Guest seniorgreymom

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:( Oh, how very tragic. I'm so sorry for them.

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Guest Valliejo2001

Oh my, what a horrible incident. My prayers and condolences that endured this. I know their hearts are hurting so. Run free sweet baby.





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Guest jettcricket

That is truly devastating.....I had hear about it yesterday coming home on the Ferry into Jersey. Geez...to make it to 15 years old and then something so tragic to have taken this babies life. Not fair...not fair at all. :(

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Her name was Scarlett, and she was staying about four doors down from us....it was not a glass elevator, and the water had been dripping in there all day...I remarked on it to my husband.


Several people attempted to do CPR, but to no avail. I had not heard that the owners were electrocuted at all; what I do know is that another man, who heard Scarlett screaming, ran to help, grabbed Scarlett, and HE was zapped. I witnessed his signature because he "refused to be transported" by the paramedics. This all happened as DH and I walked into the motel from dinner.


I am seriously considering not going to Dewey again. Certainly not to that motel. It was extremely upsetting to everyone in the motel.


Scarlett's mom and dad are in my prayers....

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Scarlett run free sweetheart. This was just so unfair and so sad. My deepest sympathy to Scarlett's family. Sending messages to Angel Sophia to take Scarlett under her wings. :(:f_pink:f_pink:f_pink:grouphug


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What a horrible tragedy, the poor family.


Godspeed little one.

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Guest adriahna

I heard about this on Sunday morning - what a terrible situation. I only hope that the motel in question will be dealt with properly - this sort of thing only happens due to neglect and lack of care. How horrible for this to have happened. My prayers to Scarlett's family - and that she's running free at the bridge. Just so sad.

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My deepest sympathy to Scarlett's family, I cannot even imagine the horror they must feel. Godspeed sweet Scarlett. :candle

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