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Greyhound At Dewey

Guest seniorgreymom

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. We where in the room beside them. I had just met Scarlett early that day giving her rubs on her head as she looked out over the baby gate.My heart goes out to the family she sure will be missed. :weep


Run free you are truly a Angel!! :f_pink:angel

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Guest whdog1MGA

Hi, this is Kari from Midwest Greyhound. I spent a considerable amount of time with the Mattson's on Sunday, both in the afternoon and in the evening. I do not want to comment too much on this tragedy as I feel it's best for them to speak about it in their own time. I know they do appreciate the love and concern for them and Rhett that everyone is sending out.


Roy's biggest concern is that Scarlett is not forgotten and that something good should come out of this tragedy. Both Roy and Annette are holding up as well as can be expected. I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling but I hope I brought them some comfort and understanding.

To clarify, both Rhett and Scarlet came from different adoption groups. I think Rhett came from Ohio but do not know for sure where Scarlett came from.


The Mattson's have lived in Illinois for the past few years and have volunteered for our group. We have grown to love all of them. While I was in Dewey Beach, our adoption group back home in Illinois did get a call from the motel manager and has expressed that he is setting up a memorial for Scarlett. I will supply details if I get them. I think for anyone that wishes to show their concern or honor Scarlett in their own way, please do so through ANY adoption group.


I had just found out early Sunday morning and was crying when that kind lady presented the check to me in Scarlett's memory. How touching. I think I hugged her but I was is shock myself so the day went by in kind of a blur. We've just gotten back from the 23 hour drive and I need to get some sleep and get things straight here. I will talk to Annette and Roy very soon.

Hug your hounds and cherish every day with them.


Kari Swanson-Massa

Midwest Greyhound Adoption

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Guest sugarfoot1
How unbelievably devastating! I feel so very sorry for the owners of the poor greyhound. What a tragic tragic way to lose your baby. :f_white  :sad1


Hi! I saw your post regarding the tragedy in Delaware. I just had to respond as I have a YOPON gh, Yopon Blue Boy, now known as Blue Boy. He was 4 in August. He is a stunning blue, so gorgeous and so shy! He came from Plainfield, CT. I adopted him from Greyhound Friends, NJ, he was a bounce back! Returned because he wouldn't get out of his crate! After a week here with us, we took the crate away to make him socialize! He's been with us 1 1/2 years and is making baby steps every day! He liked Dewey, his 2nd, he even let men and kids pet him and liked the ocean! For him, great strides! Of course, the ice machine in the hallway at the AmericInn was out to get him, and he dashed past it every time we went in/out! I said in passing that a blue would be in my future and thank God Linda Lyman remembered that as she called me about him! His Mom is Yopon Sillytrain and his Dad is Visa Trip. We are in NJ, where are you?


Sue Schrock

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