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Greyhound At Dewey

Guest seniorgreymom

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Guest seniorgreymom

I hope it is alright to post this here....


Yesterday during all the rain a couple and their Grey were in one of those outside elevators in their motel. Water began to leak into the elevator, enough to cover the floor and in an attempt to get out or get help the poor people began to push buttons. Unfortunately there was enough water in the elevator that the Grey was shocked when she touched metal. The people were okay but their sweet Grey was not.


Diana, aka BlessedByGreys, called me with the news last night. She is broken hearted for the family. I am afraid that neither of us is able to say "these things happen". I don't know his/her name but needed to acknowledge the journey to the Bridge. I will be saying lots of prayers for the family.


*edited for additional information*

from rascalsmom...Her name was Scarlett, and she was staying about four doors down from us


Several people attempted to do CPR, but to no avail. I had not heard that the owners were electrocuted at all; what I do know is that another man, who heard Scarlett screaming, ran to help, grabbed Scarlett, and HE was zapped. I witnessed his signature because he "refused to be transported" by the paramedics.


from Piratesmummy...My husband was one of 4 people that did CPR on Scarlett for what seemed like forever - Scarlett never came back to us. Of course, the police, firemen, EMT and finally the vet came - but it was all too late. It should be a comfort to know that Scarlett died very quickly. She also saved a life - it could have too easily been a child.


Scarlett's brother's name is Rhett. It's all very tragic. The two men that were electrocuted was Scarlett's owner and another men who tried to move Scarlett out of the way to begin CPR. They were both OK and did not need medical attention.


The family's group is Midwest Greyhound Adoption.

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Oh how awful! Those poor people. My heart goes out to them. Godspeed sweet baby whoever you are. :f_red

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My heart goes out to them what a horrible thing to happen. Godspeed sweet baby. :gh_run

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Prayers for the grey and her family.


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I can't imagine how terrified they must've been...those poor people and that poor, sweet grey :grouphug:f_white



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Guest FullMetalFrank

What a horrible, tragic accident... I hope an investigation into the safety of the elevator is done; things like this should NOT happen... Godspeed, poor baby, and hugs to your family...

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:( This breaks my heart. Godspeed sweet babe. :(:f_red:f_pink:f_whitef_yellow My deepest sympathy to the family who lost this precious babe. :(


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What a horrible thing to happen, I am so sorry. Godspeed sweet baby. :candle

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So very sad on what was supposed to be a happy weekend.....

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Guest Lolaadios

The owners of that dog spoke to my fiance (who was vending in a storefront) and told him the whole story. Apparently, the dog was 15 years old and they had just lifted him/her out of the little cart they had been pushing the dog around in when it happened.


Pretty horrible thing to have happen! Comforting thoughts going out to that poor Greyhound and the family.

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