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  1. Thanks for mentioning this, I did not know that The Hall of Fame was offering it. If your adoptee is on this shirt, you have bragging rights as these greyhound athletes are among "the best of the best". It takes a lot of ability, determination and focus to get to the Festival of Stakes finals, let alone win, and that is exactly what this photo shows to me.
  2. Happy Birthdays and Gotcha Days to all the pups. I can remember watching Katie race, and it doesn't seem like that long ago. Congrats on your house, and hopefully your move will go smoothly.
  3. Yes, she passed away in February - way to young. An obituary appears in the summer edition of The Greyhound Review. A very caring and dedicated greyhound lady and she will be missed.
  4. The memories will be with you always. So sorry. Godspeed Franny.
  5. I am so sorry Kari. She knew she was truly loved and 13 years of wonderful memories can never be taken away from you. Run free sweet Passion.
  6. Wish that you could make it this year too Halise. Would love to meet you and Atomic and get to see Clark Kent again.
  7. Woo - Hoo On the calendar----Registration in and hotel reservations made. Can't wait to see everyone again.
  8. We have dogs at Sanford Orlando and have been in touch with the trainer there, and yes, they have taken in generators, gas, food, and whatever else they need and are going to hunker down in the kennel with the dogs. Sure it is the same with all the rest of the tracks there. They are pretty sure power will be off, and just hope for no major damage. Good luck everybody.
  9. Sometimes it is hard to tell from the news casts just what is happening there, so thanks for everybody checking in. It looks scary, and if everything happens like they are predicting, the aftermath and clean up is going to be a mess. Please stay safe everybody, and fingers crossed for Matthew to change his mind a bit.
  10. Oh Claire, I just saw this this morning and am so, so sorry. Nothing can ever take away all of the good memories of Nikki. Sending hugs to all of you. Godspeed sweet girl.
  11. I have used Premium Edge Senior for my girls for several years with good results. I did the "test" thingy on it and it scored well, along with being price point I liked better than some of the others. It is not as readily available, but a local independent feed store carries it. I also mix in pumpkin and other cooked veggies as well as feeding yogurt every day. Stools are nice and firm. Suzie's coat is just naturally softer and more bunny like than Lorraine's, but both are nice and shiny. It works well for my girls.
  12. Wow, it really is a small greyhound world and an awesome greyhound community. Thanks to the folks at PRH for hosting Clark Kent, a.k.a. Steeler, a.k.a. DC Man of Steal, a.k.a. Matthew on his journey to his new home. It sounds like he is making new friends and winning hearts wherever he goes. He was an adorable pup, and we are so happy to know he is going to be spoiled rotten in his retirement.
  13. Welcome Home to one of our little Raindrops !!!!!! You are going to have a wonderful retirement filled with lots of new adventures, and when you get a little settled in, there will certainly be a reunion with your four legged mama. We are so happy to be able to be able to keep updated on Cocoa's life, and I still think it is karma that brought everything all about. We will see you soon.
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