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  1. Welcome back! I've been around since 2001 or so, and although I don't specifically recall the story about the coyote dog pups, I do remember that photo of Lulu with the peanut butter jar. She was a gorgeous girl. Hope your foster-adopting experience comes to be and goes well!
  2. Even though Halfway Home has been winding down for awhile, it's still sad to see this chapter of the greyhound world close its doors. A heartfelt thanks for the years of friendship and the greyhounds that have graced my home and couch since 2010, either coming directly from Tulsa or an Abilene farm, with Teddy's blessings. At the Bridge: B's Miss Thang (Tango), Mister Moose (Moose), JW Titleist (Tidy), B's Dealornodeal (Della), Fiesty Hound (Fiesty), Odd Mystery (Mystery), and Eyes on the Cash (Cash). And still holding down the floors and furniture: Mohican Top Dog (Topper) and Coa
  3. W-a-y too young, but sadly, the monster that is osteo doesn't seem to have much respect for age - young or old, it haunts all. I recently lost one that was barely nine - again, too young. Your girl sounds like she was a corker. There's something awfully special about broodies - the vast majority of the greyhounds we've adopted over the last two decades were retired broodies. Bless you for giving her a loving home. Gentle hugs to you and yours. Perhaps Bakin will tap your shoulder one day and whisper in your ear that opening your home and heart to another retired momma dog would do her
  4. A reminder "plug" for the upcoming June event in Abilene, Kansas - - - This gathering has been around in various format or fashion since the late 1990's. And although Kansas is seldom considered as a "destination vacation" state; nevertheless, it does have one thing that should be of interest to all who have adopted a retired (or perhaps flunked!) racing greyhound: Abilene - home of the National Greyhound Association and multiple greyhound farms from which your beloved dog may have originated. Hands down, there's no better greyhound gathering than Abilene for the educational experience
  5. Complete details and registration information can be found at www.halfwayhomegreyhounds.com. Plenty of activities - a chance to visit the National Greyhound Association and go on farm tours to learn how your beloved greyhound(s) started his/her life. Usually puppies can be seen (and snuggled) at one of the farms! There will be a live auction (with a very entertaining auctioneer, Robert Bacon), multiple vendors, games, etc. Proceeds to benefit Teddy Palmer's Halfway Home Greyhounds program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please consider putting Abilene, Kansas, on your greyhound event list for 2
  6. Mary, I never connected your GT name with you until just now. It was most definitely a pleasure to see you and Jaynie last weekend and meet Vonnie. Looks like all is going well in her new home. Hugs all around for your fur family! Annie Lambert
  7. Sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of Huston. If memory serves me correctly (and as time ticks by, the gray matter is getting more unreliable!), I believe I had the pleasure of meeting him in Abilene quite some time ago. Hopefully, the pain of his passing will, in due course, be tempered by the many wonderful memories you have of his life with you. Hugs, dear lady! Annie Lambert Benton (Wichita area), Kansas
  8. Jeremy & Val - Sincere condolences to you from all of us back in the flatlands of Kansas who knew your beautiful Diamond "back when." Hope there's comfort in knowing she had a wonderful life with you and, perhaps, one of these days, her paw will touch your shoulder and whisper in your ear, hinting that giving another grey a loving home would be a stellar way to honor her memory. Hugs for the two of you, and ones for Cash and Lucy, too. Annie Lambert
  9. More white light from Kansas coming your way. Wish I could say we've been strangers to OS; unfortunately, w-a-y too much experience in our 20+ years of greyhound addiction. Thinking of you, Jeremy, Diamond, Lucy & the big boy, Cash. Hugs all around, extra ones for Diamond, of course. Annie Lambert
  10. Oh, goodness! Sending white light that direction from your fellow (former) greyhound addicts in the flatlands of Kansas! Hugs for her, Cash and Lucy, too. Annie Lambert
  11. Ah, Val! I feel for you - hang in there! We had the same thing back in November with a new resident "galoot" - 85+ pounds, bouncy, doofus, standing in the wrong lines when gracefulness and brains were being handed out - and he was EIGHT years old!!! He ran into/over/on top of everybody else; finally, somebody took high exception to that, growled deepley, nipped (no serious damage inflicted) and things settled down. Time and patience, my friend. Annie Lambert
  12. Oh, damn, damn, damn! His Kansas aunties feel your pain, too. Many the sweet memories soon overshadow the hurt now filling your hearts. Hugs for the girls, and we're thinking of you back here. Annie Lambert
  13. For what's it worth - brewer's yeast is often one of the additives, along with canned vegetables, fruits, dry kibble, etc., to the meat mixture fed to greys, both in the racing kennel and on the farm. Hence, the fascination with bread that some dogs develop. Like someone indicated earlier, getting a slice of bread out of the sack is definitely more tempting than cheese to a couple of the dogs that live here! Annie Lambert (metro Wichita, KS, area)
  14. Ah, drat! Valerie, I'm so very, very sorry to hear this. He's a sweetheart, and all of his former Kansas "aunties" will keep him in our thoughts. Spoil that Gabers rotten, take lots of pictures and cherish the time you're alloted with him (never enough, is it?). Andy and I have been there, done that w-a-y more times since the mid-1990's than we care to count... Annie Lambert
  15. Heartfelt condolences from a greyhound aficionado in Kansas, who has been there, done that more times than I choose to count. Brandee most definitely had a well-loved and well-lived tenure with your family. I undoubtedly speak for many when I say thank you for sharing her life stories and fantastic pictures on GT. May the pain of her passing soon be tempered by the many sweet memories of her. Annie Lambert
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