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  1. W-a-y too young, but sadly, the monster that is osteo doesn't seem to have much respect for age - young or old, it haunts all. I recently lost one that was barely nine - again, too young. Your girl sounds like she was a corker. There's something awfully special about broodies - the vast majority of the greyhounds we've adopted over the last two decades were retired broodies. Bless you for giving her a loving home. Gentle hugs to you and yours. Perhaps Bakin will tap your shoulder one day and whisper in your ear that opening your home and heart to another retired momma dog would do her proud.
  2. Bless you - if there was ever an ideal time and place to flunk fostering, this definitely sounds like it! Speaking from experience, of course...20+ years of being addicted to greyhounds and especially the older guys and gals!
  3. A reminder "plug" for the upcoming June event in Abilene, Kansas - - - This gathering has been around in various format or fashion since the late 1990's. And although Kansas is seldom considered as a "destination vacation" state; nevertheless, it does have one thing that should be of interest to all who have adopted a retired (or perhaps flunked!) racing greyhound: Abilene - home of the National Greyhound Association and multiple greyhound farms from which your beloved dog may have originated. Hands down, there's no better greyhound gathering than Abilene for the educational experience of discovering how that upside-down, roaching dog(s) holding down furniture began his or her journey to YOUR loving home! It's not too late to plan an excursion to the Heart of America Greyhound Gathering on June 21-25, 2017. Details and registration information can be found on the website of Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption. Check it out! www.halfwayhomegreyhounds.com/gathering.html Annie Lambert, Benton (wichita area), Kansas (a veteran adopter & greyhound aficionado since 1994)
  4. Complete details and registration information can be found at www.halfwayhomegreyhounds.com. Plenty of activities - a chance to visit the National Greyhound Association and go on farm tours to learn how your beloved greyhound(s) started his/her life. Usually puppies can be seen (and snuggled) at one of the farms! There will be a live auction (with a very entertaining auctioneer, Robert Bacon), multiple vendors, games, etc. Proceeds to benefit Teddy Palmer's Halfway Home Greyhounds program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please consider putting Abilene, Kansas, on your greyhound event list for 2017 and check the Halfway Home website for further details! Annie Lambert, long-time supporter (and greyhound adopter) of Halfway Home
  5. One day at a time...and treasure every moment. I truly we're on "borrowed" time with all of these magnificent creatures; some longer, some shorter. Sending white light and hugs for the entire family, two- and four-legged. :-) Annie Lambert Benton (Wichita), KS
  6. Mary, I never connected your GT name with you until just now. It was most definitely a pleasure to see you and Jaynie last weekend and meet Vonnie. Looks like all is going well in her new home. Hugs all around for your fur family! Annie Lambert
  7. Sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of Huston. If memory serves me correctly (and as time ticks by, the gray matter is getting more unreliable!), I believe I had the pleasure of meeting him in Abilene quite some time ago. Hopefully, the pain of his passing will, in due course, be tempered by the many wonderful memories you have of his life with you. Hugs, dear lady! Annie Lambert Benton (Wichita area), Kansas
  8. Jeremy & Val - Sincere condolences to you from all of us back in the flatlands of Kansas who knew your beautiful Diamond "back when." Hope there's comfort in knowing she had a wonderful life with you and, perhaps, one of these days, her paw will touch your shoulder and whisper in your ear, hinting that giving another grey a loving home would be a stellar way to honor her memory. Hugs for the two of you, and ones for Cash and Lucy, too. Annie Lambert
  9. Good for you guys! I was so hoping that Nell's paw would tap on your shoulders soon, saying the best way to honor her memory is to give another greyhound a wonderful home. Looking foward to hearing more about your new resident and sending hugs from the flatlands of Kansas to Nina! Annie Lambert
  10. As beloved and cherished as Sadie and Katie were (especially to you and yours, but also to the GT family who followed the stories, antics wonderful pictures posted over the years), the reality is that the timeclock of life continues to tick. Delighted to see that their spirits "whispered" in certain ears, saying that adopting another greyhound would most certainly honor their memories in the very best way possible. I, for one, am looking forward to many, many Bean stories in the months to come! Annie Lambert Benton (Wichita area), Kansas
  11. More white light from Kansas coming your way. Wish I could say we've been strangers to OS; unfortunately, w-a-y too much experience in our 20+ years of greyhound addiction. Thinking of you, Jeremy, Diamond, Lucy & the big boy, Cash. Hugs all around, extra ones for Diamond, of course. Annie Lambert
  12. Striking color combination, the black and white - rates right up there with the black coats that look like they're frosted with snowflakes! Both usual colors combos generally have Irish, English or even Australian lineage somewhere in the background, either close or distant. Gal here in Wichita currently has two black and white females. One gal (Waterproof) is now ten and has been with her since age two. Black and white dog #2 was pre-adopted a couple of years back, when Kay spotted her as a puppy while touring an Abilene farm. The "youngster" just arrived here before Christmas; now Kay's waiting for two more of Star's littermates, who are still racing down in Florida. Both males; One is black and white, the other is red and white. From the pix I've seen, the red/white is every bit as striking as the other two. Annie Lambert
  13. Breeder, Wayne Ward, has the WW prefix and also "Its" or "Itsa." There was a 2001 litter with Its A Fig Newton, Its An Oreo, Its Snicker Bar, Its Sugar Coated and Itsanutterbutter. Snicker Bar and Nutterbutter (call names of Snickers and Nutty) went through the now-defunct Wichita adoption program. They were white ticked brindle gals; both are now Bridgekids. Annie Lambert
  14. Don't forget Sue Horner at Greytwear! She's been in the greyhound apparel business for eons. Annie Lambert
  15. For what it's worth - Shelley Lake, DVM, is in the Kansas City area; not Oklahoma and never has been. With RTW defunct and the Woodlands track closed down, she's doing her own thing now, which involves directly working with the various farms around Abilene. As far as "boyfriend" goes, she lost one with that name to osteo several years back. His registered name was actually Boy Friend, and if you use Greyhound-Data, it looks like there's a link to her e-mail address. Whether or not it's still live, that I didn't try. During Shelley's tenure as a kennel trainer at Woodlands, one of her close coworkers was named Jim Martin. She may also still maintain contact with him, who I highly suspect was the "Jim" mentioned in the OP's note. Annie Lambert Wichita, KS, area P.S. OP, if you want to PM me, I'd share Shelley's e-mail. We're in contact on a regular basis, even though she's a heck of a lot closer to Kansas City than Wichita!
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