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  1. The winery is only about 14 miles fro downtown Gettysburg. It's a great time! Don't miss it!
  2. My husband and brother butcher their own deer. After years of doing this they always have a pile of "junk" meat. They only take the meat that they want. My freezer gets full of treats in the food bowl!
  3. I have used Green Um's for over ten years. The best! No brown spots in my yard. My males can even pee on flowers and nothing.
  4. I've used the plumbers pipe insulation with success.
  5. Take a long sleeved shirt make it like a band and put a maxi pad in it and tie around him. Make shift belly band.
  6. Jetson is on 300 mgs three times a day. We did start on the lower dose and work our way up until we saw improvement. So did I! I take it for my fibro.
  7. I don't know how long you have had her, but it's possible she ate something before you got her, maybe in the foster home. A friend of mine had her dog for a few weeks and threw up a Barbie shoe! She has no children. She found out her dog had a stop over at a foster home before coming to her adoption group. My girl Boo threw up a tail of a stuffie toy that was the size of a golf ball after I adopted her. I asked the foster parent about it and she doesn't have toys at her house because her dogs destroy them. Boo must have gotten it before she came to our group. But then again, she could've gotten something at the dog park.
  8. Went to get food yesterday and spoke with the manager at TS. 4Health is made by Diamond, but by TS standards. 4Health has never been recalled, but TS did pull one formula voluntarily when Diamond had a recall. There was nothing wrong with the TS food, but they destroyed it as a precaution.
  9. My four have been on the fish and potato for about two months. They are doing great on it!
  10. We had to childproof our whole kitchen. Jetson can open drawers and doors!
  11. My Bridge boy Kiaba had allergies, so he couldn't have bully sticks. When the others got bully sticks, he got a big ole carrot. He loved them!
  12. Just saw on the news that the FDA has set up a site to let people contact them about the treats made in China. They want to hear from anyone that has/had a dog that got sick or even died from these treats.
  13. I took my one grey to a holistic vet for a different reason, but she said anything in the mouth starts in the stomach. I had a foster that had terrible breath and her teeth were perfect. I gave her a Pepcid every morning and her bad breath went away. Don't know if this would help, but just a thought.
  14. I always tell people you will see a difference in one month, three months, six months, a year and the biggest in the two year. It is also important not to lay off in the training or get lazy in the first year. I've found my males to have the "whatever" attitude between the one and two year, but my females come into their great goofy personality at the two year point. Every dog is different!
  15. Springtime is having a sale on supplements.
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