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Found 10 results

  1. My 5 yr old, Missy, woke up just before her breakfast time and started to cry/pace. Then she threw up some yellow bile and a hard lump of some kind, and just walked away. Now her stomach is grumbling and I'm trying to figure out what it is. It's about half the size of a golf ball, and all it is like a ball of wax or hardened fat. No hair, no blood, just this little white thing. Missy's diet was perfectly normal yesterday - nothing out of the ordinary, though we did go to an offleash park and now I'm wondering if she could have eaten something, but it is literally just a lump of white. Any have any answers?
  2. Hello - Looking for advice about my greyhound, who is 5 years old and has a hard time keeping water down. Here are the facts: She eats, poops, plays, exercises, sleeps, etc., all regularly. This ONLY thing remarkable about her is that after drinking water, she will usually heave it back up within a few seconds. She always keeps her food down without issue. She is also not dehydrated because (1) she still can keep water down about half the time and does so every day; and (2) I wet her food and she gets hydration via that route as well. I've taken her to the vet who has assured me this is not an emergency situation or cause for alarm. The vet has also ruled out tracheal collapse, pharyngeal laryngitis, and mega-esophagus. Heart size is normal, etc., etc. There is no obvious medical reason for this according to the vet. I have tried adjusting the height of her bowls at all different levels. No height has fixed the issue, but having her water bowl on the floor seems to work best for her and lessen the frequency of spitting up. I have researched the issue on this forum and it seems others have experienced it too, but there never seems to be a clear answer, and much of the conversation about his issue is several years old. Was wondering if maybe anyone has any more recent solutions/suggestions? I've seen posts about trying Gatorade instead of water, trying a Cerenia injection, etc., but have not tried any of that yet . . . Thanks in advance for your input!
  3. Hi all. I'm the new proud owner of my first greyhound, London. We have only had him for a few days, but are already in love with him. I have made the decision to put him on raw food. Since my cats are already on raw food, I'm quite comfortable with it. I have started him on chicken leg quarters, with the plan to introduce other meats later. I'm trying to stick to one protein until he adjusts to keep an eye on any reactions. I added a spoonful of cottage cheese and some puréed veggies as well. I also gave him some Forti-Flora to help his tummy adjust to the new food. I noticed today that he had thrown up a little, (several hours after eating), and just a little bone came up, plus some yellow bile. Hubby said he did try and eat some plants in the garden this morning. Tonight he got boneless chicken thighs, some soft boiled eggs, and cooked sweet potato. On our walk this evening, his stool was much darker and a little runny. Of course I'm concerned, maybe overly so, but I would love any input from anyone. Thanks!
  4. I am starting a new thread because Mercury's issue is a little different from previous threads. In a nutshell: Friday morning: out for p & p, in for three small cookies, 5-10 minutes later vomiting. This was truly vomiting, not the regurgitation that comes from eating too fast (though that happens on occasion as well). After a day of very small meals, and watchfulness, all seemed well. Saturday: fine Sunday morning: A repeat of Friday but maybe 1-2 minutes after cookies. Same pattern of vomit: horrendous noisy effort to bring it up. bile, then, cookies, then 2-3 more efforts to bring up yellow, slightly frothy bile. Here's where it's different from other empty-tummy morning vomit threads: (1) This occurs after eating (2) He gets a large milkbone before bed (3) For the first time, he was kenneled. I picked him up Thursday morning. After 2 and 1/2 years together, this is only the second time he's ever really vomited. Thoughts?
  5. We have a sick pup on our hands We've been trying to diversify Sam's diet a little by adding some large, raw bones. We started with turkey necks, he loved them and took them well, no GI issues. Yesterday afternoon, we gave him a relatively large beef joint. He enjoyed chewing slowly on it, no gulping or choking, and he left the majority of the bone itself uneaten. The first stool he passed afterwards was normal, and we gave him 1/3 his usual kibble dinner that evening. This morning, at about 1am, he threw up, and has been doing so about once an hour (it's 7:30 where I am now). He first threw up meat & kibble, and then mostly bile with small pieces of bone, and finally just water. During that time, he also began having completely liquid diarrhea, also ~ once an hour. The diarrhea seemed pink-ish or red-ish, but it was tough to say, and because he passed it on grass we couldn't really check. We tried giving him a little bit of food to help with the bile, but he would not take it. We were also giving him a water, which he was VERY interested in and drank quickly, but he just threw it up afterwards, even when we tried only letting him have a little bit at a time. He seemed most comfortable when he made himself a little dirt-bed in the soil in the garden and has been lying down when not standing up to be sick. He alternates shivering and panting, but still seems well enough to perk up and follow a squirrel and a cat along the back fence. He's sleeping on his bed now. He's breathing normally and his stomach doesn't look distended. We called the emergency vet, and they told us that they didn't think it was anything that needed immediate attention. They suggested we withhold food for 12 hours and water for 6, and that if he continues to vomit and have diarrhea under those circumstances, we should take him to our regular vet to take a closer look. We'll probably still call our regular vet once they open this morning to get their input. I knew that some vomit and diarrhea were par for the course if we started introducing raw diet components, but this is beyond what we were expecting. Is this within the realm of normal? It breaks my heart to see Sam feeling so sick.
  6. We have had our retired girl for about 2 weeks. This morning she ate some bamboo leaves from the yard before we could stop her (not much) and also grazes daily on grass when we are walking. After eating the bamboo leaves (non-toxic to dogs) the had her usual breakfast of kibble with 1 cup of water mixed in. Generally she tends to eat fast making a huffing sound occasionally where it seems like food is caught in her throat or she is catching her breath. But this morning, she threw up a large pile of undigested kibble within 5 minutes of finishing breakfast. Should I be concerned????
  7. So a few days ago I woke up to my dog vomitting one piece of kibble. Nothing really that surprising. He eats fast so sometimes he chokes a bit after he's eaten. However, about an hour later he vomitted all of his food. Not dry, but digested food. Thought maybe he had a bug so just kept an eye on him (especially since he wanted to eat it). He vomitted again, and again, about 6 times throughout the course of the day. Took his temperature: was 100.9 which is right down the middle for dogs.I was curious so see if he would still eat so I gave him a few pieces of kibble and he definitely had an appetite. However, I read a few forums and saw that you have to fast for 12-24 hours after their initial vomit session just in case there's any bacteria. So we stopped feeding him (making sure he drank water) and he was extremely lethargic. Then a surprise the next morning: he went poop and lo and behold almost a whole sock was in it. Almost immediately he was back to his old self. We've started him on a bland diet (boiled chicken and rice) and he's eating it up like always. However he hasn't been wanting to drink water. Read a little online and found that pedialyte was ok (non flavored). For some reason he likes that and will drink it when we pour it in his bowl however he really needs coerced. He also pees it right out within the hour. Not sure if his body is actually absorbing it?? It's been about 2 days now and he's eating normally (poop still not like it used to be but better than before). He still doesn't want to drink water though. I read that it could be due to a traumatic experience and he's somehow making the association between the vomitting and drinking water? Not entirely sure but we don't think this warrants a vet visit but perhaps someone with similar experience or insight? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Kind of a long story... about a month ago Dunkin's face swelled up and I took him into the vet and they determined that he needed to have teeth extracted. We scheduled a dental (Nov 15) and about a week after, he had major swelling in his neck gland that was draining into his chin and chest resulting in a jowly face and a waddle. They aspirated and determined that it was a salivary gland issue. Vet wasn't sure if it was blocked or infected or both so she prescribed Clavamox and that brought the swelling down. He's since finished the course of Clavamox and was on a soft food diet (his regular kibble, softened with warm water) and ate all his meals just fine. He had some tummy trouble around Thanksgiving, which I don't know if it was attributed to the Clavamox or he did get a hold of what I suspect was cat poop in the yard. He had some vomiting and diarrhea but continued to eat. The vomiting and diarrhea have cleared up but now he's not wanting to eat his kibble. He'll take the high value treats (soft and smelly), table scraps, etc. The other night I cooked up some rice, quinoa and boiled beef and he ate that right up. Additionally, he's going out 3-5 times a night to either #1 or #2. Sometimes there are multiple #2s a night. I'm interested in any thoughts the group has. Am I dealing with a new picky eater or does this sound like something else is going on? -tired and worried Dunk's mom (aka Emily)
  9. Missy tends to think anything left on the floor is a free-for-all. Yesterday we had a spill on the table so bowls and plates went on the floor while we cleaned it up. Before we knew it, Missy was flying in from the other room and got two big mouth fulls of avocado before we could drag her away. Now she's sick. She woke up at 6am and started walking around, asking to be let out. Her tummy is making audible bubbling noises and she won't drink or eat. She went to the park and had no problem jogging, peeing and pooping, but it's the first morning since we've had her that she hasn't eaten her breakfast. And the grass hasn't made her vomit yet. Does anyone have any experience with avocado? Is this a serious thing I need to talk to the vet about or will it pass?
  10. Hi all! About 5 days ago, just a few minutes after eating dinner, my Charlie threw up about three times. However, even though his stomach was full, his vomit was completely clear and was kind of thick/slimy/mucousy. Maybe 10 minutes or so after dinner tonight, he did the same thing (just threw up once so far though and he seems fine now). I would think that if the food had upset his tummy, then food would come up when he vomited, since he had JUST eaten, however, there wasn't even a mouse-sized crumb in it. Could he have just had something stuck in his throat and this was his way of getting it out? It just seems strange to me, as I've had him for just about 3 years and this is the first time (that I remember, anyway) he's done this. Anyone with a similar experience want to chime in? Thoughts? Thank you all in advance for your comments!
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