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  1. Yes I agree.vet does as well. She is much calmer today. We just came in from the backyard..she peed on her own...layed in the grass with me..and then played like her crazy self. I have her on 3 mgs melatonin 3 Times a day for now and 100 l theanine twice day. Stools were improved today. I have decreased her esophagus treats as well. Thanks for input!
  2. That's what I think. Also doing special treats in the yard!
  3. I will ask my vet about blood work. She seems reactive to noise...which she never was at all. Fireworks do not phase her.
  4. Thank you... I missed the call from my vet.. She said the stool sample was negative and we would talk on Saturday regarding the soft poop. She was just in to the office for xrays and an exam after she dislocated her toe and it swelled again after healing. Xrays revealed arthritis in her feet and two compressed vertebrea at the bottom. We then increased her derramax to every day as I had been doing it daily. Could attribute to soft poop as well as an increase in esophogus treats. I will surely bring her in if she wants me to. RE behavior: yes I do think it is related to stopping the supple
  5. My girl Cozett is 7 years old. She has some separation anxiety and has been on L-theanine and melatonin for a couple of years. She has typically been a happy, fun girl loves to play. She takes Derramax for lower disc issues and incurin for incontinence as well as joint supplements Since she was doing so well.. I slowly weaned her off of the L-theanine and melatonin. she has had soft stools for the past couple of weeks. waiting on stool results. There has been a major change in her behavior recently. I am wondering if she needs to stay on l-theanine and melatonin. ( i restarted melat
  6. I am posting for a friend (non-greyhound). Her (rescue) dog has severe anxiety around anyone but her. She has worked with a good trainer and both the trainer and vet suggested meds. They started him on prozac. His behavior worsened. Became MORE aggressive..even towards his owner. She has stopped giving it and is looking into wholistic supplements. 1. has anyone experienced this reaction to prozac? 2. suggestions for natural "meds" to help him relax? My grey girl takes melatonin and l-theanine for separation anxiety.. suggestions please! she is desperate to help this guy.
  7. thanks. I think I would know by now if she tore her acl, right?? she is not complaining or limping. i think i may skip her derramax tomorrow to see how she is.
  8. Yes she is walking ok. yesterday a little slower...today normal. she has been getting derramax for her back though. Question: after I clean it do I put neosporin on before the vetericyn gel? I read that keeps dirt out, etc but does not provide any anti-bacterial protection. I am cleaning with Nolvasan. Thank you
  9. the wound stopped bleeding. appears to be drying up. i had no luck with keeping it covered. i am cleaning regularly and putting vetricyn on it...especially after we come in from outside. trying to keep her calm..she is a crazy girl. I dont think we need a vet trip. Thank you for all the advice!
  10. thank you that is what I am doing. I put the non stick gauze on with self stick wrap...comes right off. or she takes it off. I am keepingh her calm.
  11. This morning Cozett was running her crazy self and slipped hard on the wet slates. She ripped the skin on her knee joint. I am keeping it clean and putting neosporin and vetericyn on the wound. It is now almost 6 pm and it is still bleeding...this happened at 8:30 am. The bleeding is much much less..just a small amount on her bed when she gets up. I made a paste with flour to help clot the blood rather than styptic powder thinking that would burn. I cant cover it as it right on the knee joint. any suggestions to stop the oozing blood? will call vet in am if it is still bleeding in the morning
  12. that's what i thought of doing..putting a freezer in my office
  13. Red Head: can you give me the names of the companies? thank you. Not sure of the location or if they are delivered. thanks
  14. my husband would kill me..he is already upset with this..asked if we will eat..
  15. that's how i am feeling. we recently downsized to a small house..NO room for a freezer..thinking this is not going to work i am having trouble closing the freezer..keep moving the tubes around!
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