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  1. I am very happy to say Payton healed quickly. Within a week, the drains were removed and he was back to playing with toys and being a constant source of aggravation to his sister, Lips. Yes Dr. Rocket. He has refilled his vanilla ice cream prescriptions many, many times. He also added in scripts for yogurt, peanut butter cookies, and extra milk bones. Thank you, again, everyone for your support.
  2. Our first greyhound was nervous and was very aggressive while on his bed or sleeping. We have had him about 3 1/2 years and that is pretty much gone. He tries to sleep with us most nights. He still gets nervous around strangers, but is fine with us. The number one thing that helped the most was keeping a bowl filled with tiny treats near his bed and just drop one or two when we would walk by. It didn't take long for him to look at us expectantly anytime one of us would walk by. My daughter was older than your son when we adopted Payton, but only about 3 years. She participated in the treat dropping, attended classes and everything else we did under supervision, which made a big difference. We have several greyhounds in our family, and most of them don't like younger children I think that is because of the child behavior- just kids being kids. But with proper guidance, your son can learn to read the dog's signs and not make him nervous. Making him get off the sofa was the right thing to do, but he needs a safe spot.
  3. He is doing much better. Not really digging the drains, but otherwise feeling pretty good. He isn't in the mood to play, but at least he doesn't look like death anymore. He has a really good appetite. I do have Manuka Honey (or hiney ) that I am going to try. The wound on his shoulder is massive. I don't think she was too concerned initially. The two small puncture wounds looked like a snake bite - almost insignificant, but the damage is more along the lines of a brown recluse. What is interesting is that one of the puncture wounds is completely healed, and the other looked liked a small pimple before the surgery - nothing to indicate the massive infection going on. The two puncture wounds could have been unrelated also.
  4. Ok I wrote a update yesterday. I don't know what happened to it. Sorry about that. Payton is home from the hospital. His entire shoulder, across his chest and down his leg was filled with pus. Apparently the bite was from something poisonous, either s venomous snake or brown recluse spider. He has two drains and a couple of spots that we need to keep an eye on. This has been a crazy week. I'm posting a couple of pictures. This is the spot he chewed through his shoulder And this is Payton with his human sister (just because they are so cute)
  5. Just heard from his vet. She said it was much worse than she expected and the infection had spread across his chest and down his leg. She had to put in a few drains and will keeping him tonight for observation. She is putting on him the "heavy duty stuff" she said. Hopefully, he will be on the mend now.
  6. It appears to be a massive abscess from the initial puncture wound. He was in so much pain, he actually chewed a hole in his shoulder today. He is in surgery now.
  7. Not so fast I guess - It has been a week and Payton is no better. He is still in severe pain, the swelling is worse and I believe he is coughing blood (I am not 100% positive on this. He had watery blood spots on him and that is the only explanation I can find). He has another appointment this afternoon. He looked so bad this morning,
  8. So it is something else...I have never been so happy to say snake bite in my entire life. The vet was very concerned as well. He was just dragging his foot and in considerable pain. But the x-rays looked clear. Upon closer examination, she noticed a puncture wound and when she shaved the area, she was able to to find the second wound. After some steroids, pain medicine and antibiotics, he should be much better. Thank you for your positive thoughts. I really needed them and appreciate them so much.
  9. I haven't posted in a while, but I still check in on everyone. Now I am terrified and I need some support. Our first hound, Payton, has been with us well over 3 years now and he has changed our lives. We have adopted 2 more greyhounds, but he is my baby. Yesterday morning, he was completely fine. Yesterday afternoon, he couldn't walk. His left front shoulder is swollen twice it's normal size. I had a sinking feeling as I saw the extent of his pain and the amount of swelling without any apparent sign of injury. Tramadol is not relieving his pain. I contacted the President of our adoption group and sent her a video of him limping and the extent of his swelling in his shoulder. She advised that he go to the vet immediately and expressed her concern as well. Payton is not quite 7 years old and 3 years with him are not nearly enough. I am heartbroken at the thought of losing him.
  10. Alicia, I am sorry I am just seeing this now. I am absolutely heartbroken to read about Henry. He was one of my favorites. Your tribute to him was beautiful. Run free, handsome...
  11. Henry, don't scare Mom like that! Glad you are okay, handsome!
  12. Yes, "aggression" sounds so much worse than it actually is. I just don't know what else you would call it so you could search it. I have to tell people all of the time not to bother Payton in his bed. I never say space agression. I say bed issues and then go through the whole spill about how he gets nervous if someone touches him in his bed. At first we were nervous about Payton and we almost returned him. I am so glad we didn't. I love him like crazy. We did the treat when we walked by his bed. It wasn't long before he started looking at us expectantly when we walked by.
  13. Space and sleep aggression are common issues in greyhounds, as well as many other breeds of dogs. The issues tend to get better with time, but may not completely go away. Two weeks is not nearly enough time. Our grey, Payton, has space and sleep aggression. Both have gotten much better in the year we have had him, but we have a rule not to bother him while he is in his bed. He is still wary of strangers touching him. Our girl, Lips, hasn’t had a bit of space aggression from day one. There are tons of topic on this issue with lots of great advice. Good luck.
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