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  2. after for than 2 weeks of back and forth with the developers, we have come down to the following, and it does make sense, since I forward greytalk.com to https... that is why logins there were working. My own bookmark and my info above, was not to https, (the s makes it secure) and hence showed the login issue. Give it a shot and me me know if there are errors after you make the change:
  3. I'm going to change something, check your email for a new password from me. That should hopefully fix your revolving door.
  4. so are you saying you can't login without resetting your password? If so, I might be able to assist with that.
  5. just type greytalk.com into your address bar, and you don't need to reset your password to log in. You can also just click any forum and when the page changes you will be logged in without needing to do anything else.
  6. just found something out. If I go to greytalk.com when I first visit the forum I am correctly logged in. If I go to forum.greytalk.com I am not logged in (and that is what my bookmark is set to) Once you visit greytalk.com (not forum.greytalk.com) your browser will change from greytalk to forum.greytalk, and you stay logged in. Something is still very odd, and we're still working on it, but in the short term, if you visit just greytalk.com not forum.greytalk.com you should be logged in, at least that is what I am seeing on my end.
  7. The host made some changes to the server side cookies last night, probably means everyone will need to log in again. After that initial login, we'll see what happens moving forward.
  8. It just happened to me too! Still investigating the cause. I was able to record a video of what you explained above, next time, it happens, I want to get the login error.
  9. Hmm, I haven't had the problem since I made the change. When you were not logged in, you saw the exact error message I posted above?
  10. let me know if it happens from this point forward
  11. OK, I just made a change, please let me know if you continue to be logged out.
  12. CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE, LET ME KNOW IF THIS HAPPENS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, NOT IN THE PAST ANY LONGER. Are you having issues being automatically logged out, and then get an error page when trying to log back in that looks like this? if so, please let me know here in this thread. I've only seen it on a PC or Chromebook, never on a mobile device. If you get it often, at least for now, scroll to the very bottom of the forum, even this page. You'll see "Theme" with a drop down arrow. Select IPS 4.4 and see if that helps over time. And if you do switch themes, and see the error on that other theme, please let me know, that is an important piece of information. The other theme (more stock) will be a bit more white, and the GT Logo will be off to the left, not centered.
  13. installed a small update tonight, looks like it might be working now.
  14. I see that as well, will look into it.
  15. there's pretty much universally no legal weight in those adoption contracts.
  16. not as simple as the old link, and not as pretty a list as it used to be... Click the magnifying glass in the upper right search box. There are 2 tabs in the new window, but they're so large they don't really look like tabs. They are titled CONTENT SEARCH and MEMBER SEARCH Click member search. Enter the name or partial name if you are looking for a specific member, if not, just leave everything blank, and at the bottom click Search Members, and you'll get a 'list'
  17. The only thing I can think of is that you have an extension or script blocking elements. I just tried Win 10 x64 using Chrome, Edge and {gasp} IE and see no issues. I don't have FF installed. I'd usually recommend clearing the temp internet files, but since you tried 3 different browsers, they'll all have their own set, so while not 100% the same thing, you essentially tried different files. It is definitely something local to your system or network. Love the eagle combo cover insignia, how'd you do that?
  18. I don't even know where to begin, I've never seen a GT screen look anything like that. Is that on a mobile device or computer? I can't picture where you might be seeing something like that, nothing I have shows anything remotely close at least that "I" can comprehend when you are even at. After you reboot your obviously possessed system, please give me a full screenshot so I can put the pieces together.
  19. sure, just post it in the Pet Merchandise forum, and let us know (PM or something) after it sells and we'll delete the thread.
  20. Moved to Announcements forum and bumped
  21. IMO worse if they 'say' they are raising funds for a specific cause, there is no proof in that, and they "could" just be praying on people's emotions. That is why we specifically disallow that with regards to auctions, etc. You know what you get with a commercial enterprise. Yes, exceptions create problems going forward.
  22. you need a certain number of posts to be able to post in the merchandise forum, additionally, I have never wanted GT to be a billboard/advertisement for non-participating members. That's why the merchandise forum has member restrictions... so vendors have a post count/relationship with the community before they can advertise their products.
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