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  1. It looks like a corn to me. Misty had several of them that would recur but could be treated. Many vets have not heard of them--it's kind of a special greyhound issue. I used corn pads for humans, re-enforced with duct tape to keep them on. The corn would come out after a few days. Some would grow back, others didn't. Good luck with your grey's corn!
  2. Misty had a dental cleaning at age 13 1/2 and was fine! I was really worried because of her age. Just make sure your vet is aware that greyhounds can be extra sensitive. She felt much better after the cleaning and I believe it helped her eat well and be healthier. Good luck with the cleaning!
  3. I hope one or all of the meds help Chester. Misty did well on gabapentin and prednisone for a while. You will know when it's not working--in the meantime it's worth a try. Also make sure he's not getting dehydrated--if they can't walk well they often don't drink as much as they should. Carry water to him, use pedialyte, chicken broth, or gatorade (not artificially sweetened). We got the Ruffwear harnesshttps://ruffwear.com/collections/harnesses/products/web-master-harness and it was a huge help for taking her out when she had the same kind of weakness in her spine. I don't know why they get that, and my vet couldn't really explain--she said a combination of old age and arthritis usually causes it, and sometimes it can be treated for a while. We lived with it with Misty until I knew that she wasn't enjoying life any more. I had a sense of peace knowing I had tried my best to keep her well, but also that I had made the right decision when the time came that she couldn't eat, walk, or be comfortable on her bed. Trust your gut! Best of luck with Chester and know that you are doing your best to take the best care of him.
  4. Hope your vet visit turns up some answers. My Misty starting urinating in the house when she got older. I think part of it is just age, but she did end up having several UTIs and a kidney infection. Some dogs are more susceptible to those than others. I would have him checked often, as they can get infections any time and they can spread to kidneys or other places. He may just need to go out a lot more than he used to, but it should be somewhat treatable. Good luck!
  5. Back before her face went grey, with her first love, Hunter. She is actually sleeping on his ear. Road trip buddy
  6. Misty had corns and they looked just like that. I used Dr.Scholl's corn pads (for people) and reinforced the little round band-aids that come with them with duct tape. Yes, I duct taped my dog's toes--as long as he doesn't chew them off and eat the pads it should be safe. It sounds like other issues too, but the corns can cause quite a lot of pain and limping. Best of luck--it sounds like you are taking good care of your boy.
  7. Thank you for your kind words and for the advice and support over the last month of Misty's life. It was comforting to talk to others who had been through or were going through the same thing. I miss her painfully but I feel good about her life and all the love and care she had. Her passing was peaceful and her life was amazing and beautiful. I could not ask for more.
  8. You lost your Max the same day I said goodbye to my Misty...it's so hard to say goodbye and even when they have long lives, it never seems long enough. We are blessed to share our lives with such sweet souls. You lost your Max the same day I said goodbye to my Misty...it's so hard to say goodbye and even when they have long lives, it never seems long enough. We are blessed to share our lives with such sweet souls.
  9. I can tell from her pictures that she was just such a special girl. Now she is a true angel!
  10. What a beautifully written tribute! I just lost my Misty and I feel the same way. We feel so lost without them, but we can feel good that they had such wonderful lives. Luka sounds like a special dog who touched many people. I always called Misty my "ambassadog" for being such an inspiring representative of the breed and charming so many people. They are all special, but some are "especially special."
  11. Thank you everyone. I miss her painfully but I feel good about her long and happy life.
  12. I'm sorry to have to write this...on Thursday, January 11 we had to say goodbye to our sweet Misty dog. She tried so hard right up to the end...I think she wanted to eat and get up because she knew I wanted her to. By Wednesday she was not eating any more unless I spoon fed her and only drinking a little water or the pedialyte and chicken broth I fed her with an eyedropper. After a second seizure on Wednesday evening I called my vet, only to find she was in Florida! She felt terrible, but advised me to call the emergency vet. I desperately didn't want Misty's life to end with an hour in the car to a scary clinic full of strangers, probably with no hope. I only worried that she would suffer too much if I didn't. Thank God, she came out of the seizure and I got her through the night, most of it spent curled up with her on her bed. In the morning my husband and I agreed it was time. She couldn't walk on her own that morning for the first time and refused even water and chicken broth. We took her to our own vet clinic a few minutes away--Acton Veterinary Clinic in Acton, Maine--with a vet filling in for my regular one but all of our familiar vet techs who had cared for her through all of her previous illnesses. Everyone was wonderful.The end was very peaceful, with my husband and I cuddling her and telling her what a good dog she was. I felt all the stress and tension flow out of her body and mine as well, as we were so close we felt the same emotions many times. I was surprised by the serenity I felt. The hours before were worse, and then later the grief of knowing she was gone, but helping her pass on was an amazingly peaceful experience. I knew we had done all we could and that she was tired and ready to sleep. We were so lucky to have her! She had a long and wonderful life full of beach walks, travel, fun and love from friends and family. She loved car rides, running fast, her Airdog toy, chicken treats, her pashmina shawls, and her boyfriends--Hunter, Diego, Griffy, and her special pal Hayden. She found her way into many hearts with her sweet face and her queenly personality. We miss her so much! Moonlight Misty will be forever in our hearts.
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