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Found 14 results

  1. I’m thinking of trying PRP for Gabe’s arthritis. He has a pinched nerve around the hinge of his spine which has caused sever abdominal seizures. He also has bad arthritis affecting all joints, including a major loss of cartilage and muscle in his shoulders and hips. He still does well on Gabapentin and Meloxicam for the most part, but I’m looking for a more long term solution, and more solutions as he gets older as I know it will only get worse. His quality of life is still great at this point, he loves his walks and insists they be at least two hours a day. But I can s
  2. We have had our beautiful Paddy for a little over three months and we absolutely adore him, he is the sweetest boy. We were told when we adopted him that he had a racing injury to his right hock that had been fixed. We took him to the vet last week as he had developed quite a limp. After X-rays they told us that he has severe arthritis to his right hock probably because the injury was not treated properly. He also has slight problem with the hip joint on that leg. Walking is sometimes painful for him and we have been advised to keep walks short and only when he feels like it. Has anyon
  3. Senior dogs are the sweetest! Our senior greyhound Misty is 14 years old now. She has been through discospondylitis, kidney and urinary tract infections, anaplasmosis, and now arthritis. We have been very lucky with her health after adopting her as a two year old, but after a while, old age catches up. Right now she is experiencing another health crisis and we're not sure she will pull through considering her age. I want to share some things that we believe have helped give her a long, happy life and things we are doing now to keep her comfortable. Good quality food is a must. I've always
  4. Has anyone had laser therapy done on their pups? There are literally no chiropractic vets here in the RGV...when talking to the vet today, she said I may have to go as far as San Antonio to find one (4 hour drive one way). However, they were recommending laser therapy to reduce inflammation/pain and indicated they have seen good results. I've done some research on it and wanted to know what y'all thought? This would be for Zelda, who at 13 is going strong except for pee/poop accidents that seem to subside when on pain meds. She had a full workup recently and her spine looked better tha
  5. Almost-13-year-old Uri's feet have been bleeding - after finding dots of blood everywhere for a few weeks, it took me a while to trace it to which dog and where. He has pink raw spots on his feet, on the outer toes, behind and above the pads (so not right on the pad). They open up and are bloody after he walks, then settle down, but stay raw, then repeat at the next walk. He has arthritis and is on meds, I have noticed he is limping worse but I don't know if it's a chicken or the egg thing - is he limping, and a change in gait is causing the outer toes to drag? Or is there some reason h
  6. We have been having some issues with Teddy, our nine year old boy. He has been favoring his right rear leg recently and has lost ten pounds. He is avoiding steps (but has always hated steps, ever since he came to us). The only finding on x-rays (under sedation) was some 'flattening' of the head of the femur. No other signs of possible osteosarcoma were present. Our vet didn't really know what to make of this finding, and thinks it could be from a possible old injury or osteoarthritis. All his lab/urine studies came back within normal limits. The vet feels that this is not something serious or
  7. Nice blog post about treatment of arthritis in dogs. Of particular note, the study that found that long term use of NSAIDs did not increase the risk of side effects. http://speakingforspot.com/blog/2015/07/19/long-term-use-of-nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory-medication-for-treatment-of-canine-arthritis/
  8. My grey, Desmond, will be 5 on May 3. For the past week, he has very randomly been yelping as if in pain. This only ever happens when he is laying down, and usually later in the evening or early mornings (before he has gotten out of bed). He will be laying down peacefully (not sleeping) and then suddenly yelp and whine. It's definitely a pain yelp :/ He will do this on and off for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour at a time. Like I said, mostly two instances per day, later evening and early morning. Once he is up and moving, no more yelping. Otherwise, he seems absolutely fine. He does ha
  9. Laurie's 13 1/2 and in the last month, arthritis has suddenly hit her hard. She's been limping and one shoulder is in pain. She's been x-rayed and there's not a tumor, it's arthritis. I've been giving her Rimadyl,Tramadol,and Glucosamine. Anyone have experience with a cortisone shot for arthritis?
  10. I just wondered if any of you had used anything like this on your hounds? http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/our-offers-2491.htm?action=showDetail&id=19054&ar=1 It's human-sized of course but Doc is a big chap, and such a good boy that I'm sure he wouldn't mind having it put on him. He was thirteen in August and has a dodgy back - medication helps, as does physio every couple of weeks, but I know his shoulders get sore by the end of the day and thought that he might enjoy lying there with it on for a bit in the evening. Under supervision, of course - we've already experimented with
  11. My boy Aidan recently developed a limp in his left leg which began when the weather started to get cold here in VA. How bad it is comes and goes each day and is worse when the weather is colder. After multiple vet visits, a course of antibiotics, blood work, additional heart worm test and x-rays the only conclusion we could come to is that its most likely early arthritis. I was very saddened by this news since he is only 5 and I feel has a lot of years ahead of him. It also seemed to come out of the blue. We used to go for walks twice a day and now it is a struggle for him to walk down the ha
  12. This morning our boy was favoring one foot and yelped when we tried to look at it. I noticed a spot on his pad and was dreading the vet telling us it was a corn. To my surprise, he said it wasn't a corn (just a small, healing cut) and that he believes instead that he has "pre arthritis." We were given some anti-inflammatory and supplements to help him recover over the next few days. If he doesn't get better, we'll do x-rays, etc. He has a very pronounced limp (basically a tripod) when he first gets up from a long time laying down, but seems to get much more comfortable after he moves around fo
  13. My Annie has osteoarthritis of the spine, and today my vet put her on 75mg of Vetprofen (low dose to start and hopefully that will help, saving a higher dose for if/when it gets worse) and Dasuquin. I didn't buy the Dasuquin from my vet because I'm hoping to find a less expensive source. 1-800-Petmeds sells a bottle of 150 for $99.99 Amazon's source sells a bottle of 150 for $83.96 From your experience, is this a typical price? Do you have another source from which to purchase?
  14. Vet is recommending this. Seems expensive and I'd have to learn to give the shots (yikes!). I felt like he was trying to "sell me" on it. Edited to add: This is for arthritis.
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