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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, first time poster but long-time lurker here. My 9-year-old boy, Homer, has shown some discomfort in his back feet since around Christmastime. He has a really wonky outer toe that (we think) healed badly after dislocation from his racing days, and sometimes gets "stuck" underneath his foot...but he started appearing to shift weight to the bad foot from the good foot, and not want to stand firmly on both back feet. He's shifting weight from foot to foot the way you see horses do. It's been like a roller coaster trying to figure out what's wrong. Our vet did a thorough physical exam back in December and couldn't find a thing wrong, and we speculated it was muscle pain that should resolve itself. We did acquire a second little houndie (Archie) back in late October, who does bounce around like a freight train and admittedly bumps his older brother a lot. Alas, he's still shifting weight from foot to foot, so back to the vet this week. He has been bounding through the snow, though, and loves a walk as always. He's sometimes stiff when he gets up from bed, and sometimes there's a hitch in his stride while he walks. We're still going to low-impact agility class and he's happy to go and do it! Another grey owner suggested I think about corns, and I posted some pictures to that Facebook group, the group thought it was a corn. Back to the vet, and the vet thinks no corns, but suddenly we find that Homer's lower back is very, very sore. He cried out when palpated, and now come the x-rays (looks like the tender spot was around L 3-4). It could be some arthritis in his back, but the x-rays looked basically clear to my vet. Sent those films to the radiologist and haven't heard back yet. Could be spondylosis? Meanwhile, for his pain, vet wanted to think about NSAIDs, but wanted to check blood and urine first. Good idea, and the results come back about the same as his baseline chemistry last year. A touch elevated, but "mild." Vet today suggests we take some more blood and send to Cornell for a more sensitive Lyme test, since the kidney values + lameness could suggest Lyme, even though he has always been vaccinated and the preliminary blood test came back negative. It's just so frustrating. He has been a healthy dog, and I now know he's in pain but can't help him (yet). Feeling really guilty about not being able to resolve it, honestly. Just generally venting, but wondered if anyone had the same experience with the lower back pain and shifting weight between the hind feet? Grateful this resource is here, too!
  2. Hi Everyone, Last night Onyx was playing/running like crazy in this fenced off skate park we have around here. The terrain of the place is part grass and part concrete skate ramp. It's very uneven and has some trees with low branches, etc.. So Onyx and Jasper were running around (they only run on the grass section) and suddenly Onyx screams out in pain and is holding up his front right leg. I of course freaked out, ran over to him and when I touched his leg-there was allot of blood. I immediately leashed the boys and we walked home-Onyx pretty lame the whole time. When I examined him at home-I saw that there was a bloody gash on the back of his front leg- just above or at (?) the wrist area. There was also a smaller gash but the bleeding on the smaller gash stopped. I cleaned him up with baby soap and warm water, put pressure on it and peroxide, neosporen and wrapped it in gauze and vet-wrap. He is still very lame. We took a potty walk this morning and he was walking very slowly, if we speeded up-he would become lame. Although he was at some points walking kind of OK on grass. When I got home this morning, I re-wrapped the gash but he is holding up that leg and is still very lame in the house. It almost seems worse with the bandage on. I am very worried. I am worried that there is something more then just a tear. Such as a fracture or torn ligament. I examined Onyx very carefully several times. I do not see swelling, the leg appears straight. Manipulating the leg a little-he is not crying or pulling away. There is no "clanking" that might indicate a fracture (but I am not vet). But he is limping regardless. I can see the gash is right at the point where he will flex his leg when moving and it might be that it "opens up" with movement. But I just don't know if a gash on the back of the front lower leg alone can cause lameness. Vet is not open today or tomorrow. I will take him in on Tuesday. But I am so freaked out. If anyone had a similar experience-I would love to hear about it.
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