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Found 8 results

  1. Meet Izzy and her ears
  2. Senior dogs are the sweetest! Our senior greyhound Misty is 14 years old now. She has been through discospondylitis, kidney and urinary tract infections, anaplasmosis, and now arthritis. We have been very lucky with her health after adopting her as a two year old, but after a while, old age catches up. Right now she is experiencing another health crisis and we're not sure she will pull through considering her age. I want to share some things that we believe have helped give her a long, happy life and things we are doing now to keep her comfortable. Good quality food is a must. I've always
  3. Hello all, New poster here! Also I am about to be a new greyhound dad. So I am adopting a greyhound that I've been told is NOT an ex-racer...I was a bit perplexed as to his history because if he didn't come from the track who is breeding Greyhounds? Again, I don't know very much of him, they said he was a pet but then got to a kill shelter in Kentucky and now is in Indiana and I stumbled upon him... They want me to take him ASAP, and that is this Sunday. He is a senior and will be 9 in January - I don't mean to be weird...but is this too old? I mean will he die in my care within
  4. Hello friends, I hope you are all well. Several years ago this community was wonderful in its support of our efforts to keep our space aggressive greyhound, Joe, while also having a young child in the house. (Old thread here.) Almost six years and one more kid later, Joe is happily still with our family. It has been a long and winding road, but (knock on wood) there have been no incidents and he will be ten years old in July! I am writing because we are about to visit the vet again to address his recently developed incontinence and I want to be as informed as possible. I have done quite
  5. So my nearly 8 year old Polly got adopted by me in September. She started on IAMS and she didn't seem to mind it but then suddenly just did not want it. She would eat maybe once a day or every other day. After some bloodwork and other tests we found out she's fine. I asked around the local Grey club, and I switched to Taste of the Wild (the one with salmon). It was okay but she only ate one bag before the same thing happened. Next came Natural Balance. Petsupermarket had a sample of the salmon and potato, and she seemed to love it. The food reeks of sweet potato and we got through a
  6. My senior hound is having some trouble on hardwood and tile floors now. She is starting to develop very mild arthritis in her hips. She takes joint supplements which has helped a lot! But she has had a couple falls on the tile floors which causes her to have a little anxiety about walking on the non carpeted floors and I am worried that she will possibly hurt herself if she falls again. She also has a lot of trouble standing up if she lays down on non carpeted floors; her feet slide out from under her and she really struggles. I would love any suggestions on things I can do to help her wi
  7. I haven't been on GT in SOOOOO long. After my Indigo died in 2011 (osteo), I was too shell-shocked to be involved in anything grey. Then, I had some human health problems. Then, I lost one of the Fab Feline Boys after a 3 month battle with liver disease. It hasn't been a fun ride. The household is still 4 humans but down to Maximilian (my 12 year old grey) and 2 Fab Feline Boys (ages 13 and 11). Max had a puffy snout last December. Vet seemed to think tooth abcess. We did antibiotics and it went away. This past Sunday, his snoot looked like an American Bull Terrier on one side. He y
  8. I've got a dog who's bored with his kibble, so I need a recommendation of something he'll think is "exciting"--that won't break the bank. Sam is nearly 13. He had an ulcer from meds, and since the ulcer he's had less interest in his regular kibble. He was/is on Iams in the red bag (73D on the dog food rating scale). He's had much more expensive kibble over the years, but money is tight--and he and his sister liked the Iams red bag ($35/30# bag) and did as well on it as they did on the $55/30# stuff (Nature's Recipe venison, 116A on the grading scale). And the girl still loves the Iams. The
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