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My husband and I adopted Misty in 2005 when she was two years old. I knew I wanted a greyhound and I was looking on all the online adoption sites. I found a dog available at Fast Friends in Marlborough, NH (a great rescue organization!). After a long drive across the state, we met the dog--a pretty, dark brindle--but she wasn't interested in us at all. We took her for a walk and she wouldn't even look at us. When we brought her back to the kennel, I spotted a another small brindle dog in a lower cage, looking out at us with big, sad brown eyes. "What about that one?" I asked, and they brought her out to meet us. She liked us right away. I had told my husband we were just going to look at dogs and probably wouldn't make a decision that day, but I didn't need to think about it any more--I knew she was the one. We filled out the papers and hoisted the surprised Misty into the back seat of our car. She has been charming us with her big brown eyes ever since. I'm so glad we found her...she bonded with both of us right away and quickly adapted to a life of soft beds, good food, car rides, and toys. She grew back the hair on her nose and gained some weight, and now she is a gorgeous, elegant girl who turns heads whenever we walk her. People comment that she was lucky we rescued her. I tell them that we are the lucky ones to have found such a sweet and special dog!

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