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  1. My girl was 5 years old when she got it, We were floored since she was so young.
  2. Try leaving a TV or radio on to mask the sounds. Also, I had a hound that LOVED his crate - stayed in it when we were gone, slept in it,etc. Never had a problem in those 2 or 3 years. We moved and when we put him in it the first time he went crazy and tried to break out. At that point we left him out when we left and all was well. Fortunately he wasn't destructive when left alone, just didn't want to be alone in the crate. He never slept in the crate again either. Very weird - the move really freaked him out. Currently we have a hound that is terrified of the sound of children (turns o
  3. I second the Three Toed Greyhound Facebook group. They were a big help to us when our girl faced a possible toe amputation. The vet told me all kinds of scary stuff but the FB group put my fears to rest.
  4. I agree about not keeping him the laundry room. Can he sleep in your bedroom with the door closed so you would hear him when he got up? When we moved to our new house, we found our hound, who sleeps in her own bed in our room, had left the room and peed in another room. She never did this in our previous house. If she had to go to the bathroom in the night, she would wake us up. So, now we keep our bedroom door closed, with her in our room. This has forced her to bark if she need to go to the bathroom at night. Good luck!
  5. One of my girls would sneak in our bed to sleep when we were gone. Came home to finding she peed in our bed. I was baffled because we hadn't had any peeing issues with her to that point. Took her to vet and she did have a UTI. She didn't pee in the bed on purpose. I suspect she was sleeping there, heard us come home, got excited and due to the UTI, peed by accident, in the bed. So, get your pup checked.
  6. I can't remember details unfortunately, but a number of years ago I came home to 3 very large areas of diarrhea (my pup had been fine when I left the house). I was totally freaked out and sure my baby had something dreadful. The vet put him on a course of meds and he was fine and lived years after that with no similar issues. I'm thinking it was some kind of bacterial infection and so was given antibiotics. Good luck and hope your pup feels better soon!
  7. We thought our girl broke her toe back in March - I had a lot of questions concerning fixing it vs. amputation and people on the Greytalk FB page recommended I join the Three-Toed Greyhound FB page (who knew there would be such a group!). I explained our options and they were able to answer my questions and concerns. I recommend you check them out. Turns out my girl had only severely dislocated her toe (looked broken on xray). I did the splint thing for 7 weeks - it was insanely expensive and not fun for my girl. She was practically on bed rest the whole time. I regretted my decision the
  8. Vet has officially dx'd him with IMHA. She has now increased his prednisone and put him on cyclosporine. Now we wait and see if his counts go up so he can come home. He is very jaundiced now as well. I've been visiting him twice a day and it is just so sad to see him this way. He was fine in Monday and then Tuesday afternoon he was taken into the vets office on a stretcher. Good grief.
  9. He is still at the vet. Still waiting on 2 blood tests but right now they think it is IMHA. So far, they can't find a cause. His neurological issues have improved. The vet thinks he may have had a clot due to the agluttination. His blood count continues to fall which is why they wont let him come home. They have him on a low dose if prednisone and an antibiotic. Hopefully he will start showing some improvement. Also hoping we get the blood test back soon so they can determine if it is being caused by TBD. Now that I'm doing some reading, I'm not sure why they didn't do a Coombs test, a
  10. Yesterday morning my 7 year old male hound refused to eat and generally was acting odd (didn't want to eat or go for a walk - Marlow lives for both and will drive you crazy until he gets fed and walked). Anyway, when he finally came in from outside, he was walking oddly (I thought he 'd had a stroke or couldn't see), then later his gait was normal and then later got wierd again. I took him to the vet and when we got out of the car he was all wierd again - strange eye movements (now I think he is having seizures). The vet dx'd Vestibular Disease, which made sense based on videos I looked at.
  11. Any recommendations for greyhound sitters or boarding kennels in Tallahassee area?
  12. She told me the specific gravity but I didn't get it written down (and can't remember). It was not a first morning specimen. When we check in a month I will be sure to do that. He's 6 years old and I just want to make sure we do as much as possible to keep serious kidney issues away as long as possible. Good to hear youve been able to manage it for a long time.
  13. When I took Marlow for his yearly check up I mentioned to the vet that he drinks excessive amounts of water. He drinks more water than any other greyhound we've had. Initially I thought it might be a nervous habit, the fact that we live in Houston and its HOT or even due to not always having access to water in previous life (he was a bounce). Anyway, its gotten worse, not better. Keeping the water bowels full is a full time job. His Creatine levels in April 2014 were 1.6. At his appointment this past April they increased to 1.9 and we checked them today and they jumped to 2.3. We also c
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