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Found 5 results

  1. We’ve had our lovely Fred now for nearly 5 months. He’s a rescue ex racer and he’s adjusted super well to his new surroundings. When first being left on his own, we watched him on the camera and he would pace and look for us. We did notice he’d scratched the door a tad but he soon grew out of that. Often we will look on the camera and he’s snoozing away. At the longest, he’s probably left for 4 hours - and that’s when me and my partner are both out at work. I’m a freelancer, so I am lucky to work from home, or only be gone for around 4 hours. During the work day, he is given plenty of walks when one of us is on lunch or a break. So last week, he was left for around 3 hours and he completely chewed our door frame. Obviously we were shocked because he’s been so so good! We thought it may have been a one off, but everyday since he’s chewed something when we’re out. He even manages to open our sliding wardrobe and takes the clothes off the hanger? He will jump up on counters and try to grab anything. He’s a super happy grey, really energetic and loves a cuddle and it’s breaking my heart he’s going through this. He will never do this when we are home. He gets 3/4 walks a day so it shouldn’t be that he needs to burn energy. We’ve tried the radio and a plug in calming defusing for dogs. We also got a last minute behavioural therapist in who has said it’s isolation anxiety and could be a noise outside that’s triggered this. The behavioural therapist has Suggested a kong, a box full of toys and treats which we have done and nothing is working, he does destroy the box, so he must focus spending some time on it. He’s also suggested diet changes, and crating and basically retraining him to be ok on his own again. Ive called the vets and they’ve suggested a different behavioural therapist which I’ve called to arrange a meeting. When I came in this morning our hallway bench was destroyed and it’s so upsetting. Obviously all these things are replaceable but it’s still our home and knowing Fred is unhappy breaks our heart. Has anyone experienced this and how did you over come it? We feel really helpless right now and we feel like we can’t leave him for fear of what he will do. my next steps will be to try a crate, but leave it open for him. The guy from the adoption centre recommended muzzeling him, but I just feel like that would make him go even more crazy! Attached pictures of damage and of our lovely Fred! I’d love some advice. Just to note we live on a ground floor apartment, which we let him have the run of. Any advice would be so much appreciated :)
  2. Hi everyone, My gf and I have a 4.5 year old retired racer that we got a year ago. We just moved, but in the old place she loved her crate and would generally be there during our workday (8hrs) with little to no issues. In the new place, she is getting increasingly destructive during this same schedule (bed ripped up, blankets torn, yanked, roughed up nose. She doesn't pee). We got her a calming collar, anxiety meds, melatonin and have put stuff in her crate she likes (kongs, toys, blankets that she knows). We also have been training her (with varying degrees of rigor), to enjoy her crate. She goes in, sleeps in it, we can leave the door open with her in it and she has become increasingly accustomed to the crate in the new place. The new place is a duplex where we have the have the lower floor. Above us is a young family with a small kid. My gf and I are used to their sounds, but it travels to down to us. These are typical sounds of either people moving, a kid running around a little, there is some jumping contraption they have up there that can be kinda annoying, but to us, nothing crazy. After all we've done, through 3 weeks our dog is getting worse being in the crate. The dog has always been nervous around kids, but we are wondering if those noises is the source of her anxiety. I can't say that's for certain, we are getting to the point where it's gone from a smaller issue to a big one. Our immediate idea is to muzzle her when she's in the crate just to stop her from being destructive, and then introduce her to the family upstairs to get familiar with what could be those sounds as well as to take her to the dog park more to socialize in general. It's sad seeing her go through this, as well as my girlfriend who is the one who gets home first and sees the new damage for the day. I'm doing research on my own but does anyone have suggestions for how we can get rid of this behavior? Thanks
  3. Prescription Glasses: $300 Arms of prescription sunglasses: $45 Boots: $200, repaired for $40 Boots: $125, ruined. Books: too many to count 4 dark chocolate bars: $875 in vet bills and the list goes on.......... Auggie, 3, whom we've had for 7 months today, has tendency to get a hold of things he shouldn't have and chews them to death when we aren't home. We are as diligent as we can be about keeping these items out of reach/behind closed doors/gates, but we sometimes lapse in our responsibilities. He has plenty of chewies and other chew toys, gets a kong when we leave in the morning, but we are otherwise at a loss on how to stop this destructive behavior. He is always caught after the fact, so being stern with him is pointless. We don't want to go back to crating him during the day for the rest of his life (that crate is huge and our house is small......). Any suggestions to help turn this behavior around???
  4. Our newest family member, Mika, is a rather over-zealous when playing with his stuffies. We have a growing pile of "needs to be mended." It's a little sad, since our other grey, Zoe, really likes to play with stuffies and does not chew them up, but we keep having to remove them. He's thinned the herd from about a dozen toys down to just two, and one of them may not last much longer. I bought a toy I thought would be sturdy that had no stuffing, and was made of ballistic nylon. While I was making dinner last night and my partner was in the bathroom, apparently he decapitated the toy and ate the large squeaker out of it. We know this because he started vomiting bits of plastic in the middle of the night. The last vomit was liquid only with no plastic, and he seems fine now. Fortunately my partner was pulling an all-nighter, and so was there to keep him from re-ingesting the plastic! We're keeping an eye on him to make sure there's no obstructions, but he seems OK so far. P&P normally, and ate his breakfast. So my question is, what toys do you give a dog who LOOOOVES to play with them but totally destroys things? We do give him frozen kongs stuffed with goodies, but we need more ideas.
  5. Chase has been with us for nearly 11 months now. We thought things had finally settled down. Last week, we noticed that he was starting to chew things he had never tried to chew before: rubber drink coasters, a hardback book come to mind. On Monday, he got ahold of my 8 year old daughter's glasses while she was in the shower. He destroyed them. That night, he got her wooden clog and chewed the heel. He chewed the heel of the other tonight. Before you ask, he has plenty of toys that he plays with on a regular basis. NOTHING has changed about his diet, routine, health, or living situation in the past three months, save one thing: we have intentionally cut back on his walks at the recommendation of his vet, as he was having some very minor problems due to too much exercise. He told us to go from two a day/15 minute walks down to one 15 minute walk every other day. This was changed well over a month ago, though. Ideas? Input? Suggestions? Reprimands? Thanks...
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