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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, My gf and I have a 4.5 year old retired racer that we got a year ago. We just moved, but in the old place she loved her crate and would generally be there during our workday (8hrs) with little to no issues. In the new place, she is getting increasingly destructive during this same schedule (bed ripped up, blankets torn, yanked, roughed up nose. She doesn't pee). We got her a calming collar, anxiety meds, melatonin and have put stuff in her crate she likes (kongs, toys, blankets that she knows). We also have been training her (with varying degrees of rigor), to enjoy her cr
  2. We brought home our lovely ex-racer about two weeks ago now. Things have been great, and she seems to be doing really well with the cat (which was my main concern). She's generally very mellow and well-behaved, so we're very grateful for that. I work from home, so I've been able to help her adjust nicely to our apartment. I was cautioned not to let her spend all of her time in the same room with me, and we've done that without much difficulty. We are ready to start alone training with her. Fortunately, she loves her crate, so that helps a lot. However, she seems to have some SA but I'm confuse
  3. Hi fellow members, My girlfriend and I are new adopters of Sam, a 3 year old ex-racer, who we have had for almost 2 months now. Things are overall going very well with Sam. He has an extremely calm temperament (exactly what we wanted), he is getting along well with our cat (after cat de-training), and he is nothing less than an angel when we are around. HOWEVER, when we are not around, he tends to panic. We both work 9-5 jobs so Sam is alone for most of the day. We always leave a kong before leaving and the radio on, he can go a few hours without saying a word, and then he can begin voc
  4. ...did you feel safe leaving your grey(s) and cat(s) loose in the house together when you're not home, if ever? We've had Sweep for four months now, and we always crate her overnight and when we're gone. I work from home, so other than overnight, she's rarely crated for more than two or three hours at a time. When we're home during the day, she's unmuzzled and has the run of the house, and we are just super-mindful of where everyone is at any given time. (Not too difficult when we have three velcro pets!) We feed them separately and at different times and have had no issues in that area. S
  5. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone had a guide or a link to a guide for alone training? A sort of comprehensive step by step guide on what to do from the first day with any tips to help along the way. I have read lots of things from different places, books, on here and on the internet in general. But if anyone has a compilation of all the things to remember and think about doing I would be very grateful. I'd like to print it off so I can keep reading over it and have it to hand. Thanks!
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