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  1. I have the most awesome hole digging, trash picking, hyper-active little white greyhound that is an awesome roacher as well. While my Greyhound Surprise was preparing for surgery yesterday, his girl developed problems after we all returned last night. She was not her typical self, and did not come to greet us at the door with enthusiasm. She only had a few Kirkland dog bones before we left in the morning, so we knew she should be hungry. She loves to eat with vigor, and the little princess wants to be hand fed. We offered her chicken and she walked away. In addition, she did not want to drink. That is okay, we thought as she may have been missing her Surprise. Pasadena loves her playful interacting playtime with Surprise and their walks through the park together. Surprise had his typical post anesthesia reactions, and he was not in the mood for kibitzing with Pasadena. We all had a late dinner, did a little TV, and went to bed. It was now 11:00 PM and Pasadena was pacing like Surprise who was still working off the effects of his anesthesia. Odd for sure that Pasadena would also be pacing. Pasadena kept asking to go outside and did. A little later, Pasadena began to vomit. The lights were low to help calm Surprise down, so when I cleaned it up, I did not look at her vomit very close. I just thought it was a tummy issue. Pasadena did not have access to all of her foibles while we were gone earlier, as the gates were up and my son was keeping an eye on her. She then became projectile in her vomiting. On with the lights and to my dismay, there appeared to be very pale, pinkish color in the foaming mucus coming out of her facial orifice. Okay, not normal, so I called up to my husband to inform him that if it continued, we would be off to the ER. She made a slight yelp and defecated on the wood floor. Immediately, her precious little butt was red with some blood. It happened again when I went into the kitchen to call the ER. This time, it was as if she farted and it came out in a small stream, and then dripped across the floor and stopped. The ride to the ER was uneventful, other than the fact that she continued to vomit all over her new bolster bed in the back of the SUV. They ER performed the standard check in, and whisked her off to the forbidden back area where only employees are allowed. We arranged after speaking to the DVM on duty, for her to get x-rays, blood tests and whatever else would be required. By now, it is five in the morning and no sleep since the morning before. The tasty coffee in the waiting room did not help. The DVM on call said that Pasadena would be hooked up to an IV after the tests to keep her hydrated and would be spending today in their watchful care. We received an early morning call from the ER at about 7:30 AM. None of us heard it as we were exhausted. Nothing profound was found according to voice mail, but they were waiting for the ER Radiologist to come in and read the x-rays. They said that Pasadena was still hooked up to the IV and was resting comfortably and that there was no more diarrhea. I later spoke to them and questioned what did they mean? Diarrhea? That it was blood coming out of places it should not have been. Yes, they said, that is what they met by diarrhea. My voice mail said they also did a sonogram. However, when I spoke to them at 1:00 PM today, it was stated as being a mini-one. Since the person I spoke to over the telephone was not there when things were being done, I let it be for now. We feed our guys a low fat protein healthy diet, with a little milk. (No artificial sweeteners ever)! They also eat after their meal, a Nyla edible chicken bone, some Kirkland chicken and rice bones (a milk bone kind of thing) Surprise and Pasadena get chicken apple chips also sold from Costco when available. We ration the apple treats out, as they are not on the shelf much. I am going to make my own. They get a little pasta now and then. Some Greek yogurt. A taste of ice cream now for something special. Whenever I am eating one of my health bars, I may share some with them. However, over all their diet is easily digestible. I was told that upon examination, they did not see any lumps, bumps, or protrusions. It was stated that the x-rays did not show anything in her body that would cause the bleeding. There are some issues in the blood work, but again I was told that there were no remarkable differences for a greyhound. So far today she has not ate on her own. Before I bring her home, should I insist on an endoscopy or such? A full sonogram on some part of her body? A CT Scan? They would have to put her to sleep to do that and we all know how we hate to do that to our greyhounds. Below are her blood tests they emailed to me. I am open to opinions that you may have, so I can share them with the vet before we bring her home. They are talking about sending her home tomorrow morning. They told me that I could have a copy of the x-ray to take home when I pick her up tomorrow. I have tried to post her blood work numbers, but I keep getting a message that I have posted too may images.
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