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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. I am completely at the end of my tether and any help you can offer would be appreciated. I've had my greyhound for 2 years and he is 5 years old. Up until about 6 months ago he slept perfectly fine though the night. Then he started getting up to go out the odd night. And slowly this had just become his normal. We've been to the vet and had bloods, urine analysis and scans and they've told me all is normal. The vet said it is probably a habit now more than anything but I can't seem to break it. I actually think lockdown is what changed things. My partner is now working f
  2. Hi everyone I'm a new greyhound mum, just adopted my girl 3 weeks ago. She's an ex-racer and is 3 years old. So far she is settling in really well but the one issue I am having is that she pees inside when I leave her to go to work. I totally understand that she's still settling in but this is something I really want to nip in the bud before it becomes an ingrained habit. Current routine is this: 7am: Get up and take her outside to the back lawn where she pees. I take her out on the lead and give her a treat and lots of praise once she goes. Back inside and give her
  3. Hi Everyone! I adopted a retired racing greyhound just over a year ago. She settled well with little needing done when it comes to toilet training. I have tried training to sit or lie down but she just kind of stares through me when I give any kind of command almost as if she doesn’t understand English. She’s very timid and loves nothing more than to be petted and cuddled but sometimes even saying her name it’s like she doesn’t understand us. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you overcome it I’ve tried all I can think of with no improvement. thanks in advance!
  4. New first-time grey owner and previous lurker on the forums (lots of great info from you folks!) I have been struggling with our new boy Tully having isolation distress/separation anxiety. Background: Tully came off a farm in TX as a failed racer, not quite 2 yrs old. Sweet disposition, the calmest 2 year old dog I've ever had. Big issues arose when I tried to leave him alone during the first week. Lot's of gentle, slow attempts at crate training. When I was able to get him crated, shut the door and leave the condo, Tully bent the steel crate bars with his teeth, destroyed an "indestructi
  5. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum a lot over the past 6 months and have already learned a lot from this community. I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having. I have a 2 1/2 year old female greyhound that LOVES people and other dogs. She has never shown aggression towards another human and very rarely with other dogs (always a clear reason why like trying to hump her or standing over her while she was dozing on the floor). However, something happened yesterday that I am hoping for some help with. My brother adopted a greyhound as well about a week ago and
  6. Anyone have any games they like to play with their hound indoors? Our guy Bismarck has a bit more energy than our last hound (he plays fetch!) but does not care for playing out in the yard any more than necessary now that it is cold. We've done a basic training class and we do reps of that stuff, but laying down and "leaving it" get boring for him (and us) after a while. And our house layout/flooring isn't really conducive to indoor fetch, so I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions of things you do/games you play with your dog in the house? He likes toys insofar as he can
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and a brand new first time greyhound owner! My wife and I are extremely excited and love our new greyhound Arrow. She is 6, was a racer and was also mother to two litters of racing pups. We have had her about two weeks. 90% of everything is great, we are so happy! The one area that is becoming tough (besides stairs) is walking. She started off walking great, staying with us, not leading, etc. But in the last few days she has started freezing with increasing frequency and seems often not to really want to walk anywhere other than the backyard. There a
  8. Hello! I just joined because I'm planning to adopt a greyhound soon. I'm very excited. I've read a lot about them and noticed that white cats can be particularly attractive to greyhounds because lures are often white. We have a white cat, so what I want to know is how difficult it can be to train a greyhound not to chase after her new white friend? Is it something that can just take extra time? Boo is a friendly and playful red colorpoint Siamese who used to have a disabled American Eskimo Dog as her friend. She was always gentle with him. She can get typical kitty crazies sometimes and go s
  9. Our new hound (4 yr old male, former racer, gotcha day Aug18 2018, second grey we've had) has been such a great dog so far, EXCEPT for first thing in the morning. He waits for our alarm to sound before he gets up (and wants us up), but when he does he's so uncontrollably excited that he's a bit of a hazard to himself and us. At first it seemed more about getting fed because he'd calm down quite a bit after his breakfast and calmly go outside, but lately he is developing a habit of beginning to pee (dribbling or even just giving in and going), before we feed or can even get the coat on to l
  10. I've had my greyhound for nearly two months now, he's been settling in well - however he has recently become more hyper (hes nearly two so still quite young) I was told how lazy and calm greyhounds where and the adoption kennels told me not to be put off by a young hound as they where also calm! I work as a dog walker so my greyhound sometimes gets up to three hours of walking a day. He used to be super calm during the walks but has recently started lunging at other dogs, barking and jumping around. Even after he's had three hours of walking when I get home he charges around the house throw
  11. I am wondering if anyone has tried clicker training and has it been successful? I have never done it with my other dogs, but they were Newfoundlands and very laid back easy to train dogs. Starting with my first greyhound I thought I might try something different and was hoping to get some advice.
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