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  1. Thank you. Losing two of them so close together is hard. But he had 7 years on this earth more than her, so I'm taking her loss worse. She leaves me with some fantastic memories though.... She was unusual in that she sat, in a very uncomfortable way, sometimes in the weirdest of places. I took her and two of the other dogs to a field last winter when it had snowed. She ran to the middle and just sat there. I had to move her on eventually as I was afraid she'd get frost bite in her bottom. She used to fly, all legs in the air, elevated several feet, from one side of the kitchen to the
  2. I don't want to alarm you, but please read my posts. I hope your girl is luckier than mine was.
  3. The day after writing the above post, my girl developed an infection in her other front leg, so I delayed the chemo tablet and got her on antibiotics. The infection had apparently cleared up 3 days later, but she had gone off her food, so I couldn't get the rest of the course into her. I was also struggling to get pain meds into her as she was eating infrequently and little, no matter what I offered her. I did manage to syringe some meds into her, but she wasn't happy about that and bit me a couple of times. She would always have done that though; she wasn't ever the most co-operative greyhoun
  4. Thanks for the hugs! Very much needed right now! The oncologist I'm seeing trained with Dr Couto and has 40 years experience in the area. I trust his advice, especially as he's met and assessed her. He has said her blood is good enough to proceed, and we're starting on a low dose to see how she tolerates it. My own vet also told me the only time he's seen this drug used the dog had no side effects. So, I'm going ahead cautiously. She's back home now, clearly relieved to be here. She hates the vets and is not a co-operative patient. Her pain is under control... for now. I'm taking
  5. My beautiful nine year old Irish greyhound girl has just been diagnosed with disseminated histiocytic sarcoma. The first sign of this was a mild limp about 3 weeks ago. I rested her for a couple of days and gave her pain meds, thinking she'd just pulled something, and then she was fine for a few days, even going on her usual one hour walk with no limp whatsoever. A few days later, it came back, and as I could also see she'd lost some weight too I began fearing cancer. I got her to the vet, who x rayed her leg and said she had osteoarthritis. I called two days later, expressing doubt and asking
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