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  1. That was House and he was a great big boy! Don't think I could find another like him. My new boy, Frank (a Galgo), is tall but not nearly as big.
  2. Just finished a long post about the kiddos I've lost in the past two years. Following up, I do have some good news! I have added two galgos to the household....Reyna and Frank (formerly Arlequin). Reyna joined me in August 2015. Poor little girl has been through a lot and needed a quiet home with a good, quiet friend. I work from home now and House sounded like the perfect quiet friend so there you go. Reyna, my beautiful little spooky fawn girl came to live with us. When I lost House in June 2016, Reyna wasn't sure what was going on. It took her a while but she adjusted to being an only dog and did quite well....I didn't. I needed another body in the house. Along came Frank, a bounce, who is quite a boy! He's a big black boy with a lot of flashy white and is incredibly handsome! Reyna and Frank do great together although they are total opposites....new things and people scare her while Frank is ready to meet all them. I have the best of both worlds with these two. They love me and I love them so what else matters?!?!? Once I get some picture downloaded, I will post them!
  3. I haven't been on Greytalk for a good long while and for some reason this afternoon I thought now was the time. It has been a tough two years for my originals....I lost Lizzie (13), Stella (15) and Hitchie (11) in 18 months. Old age caught up with my girls and Hitchie? It all happened so quickly I never got a real diagnosis, either bladder or prostate-related. I lost House this past June, also very suddenly, most probably to osteo. Like Hitchie, it happened too fast. I used to post about these four all of the time but I'm not sure any of you remember them. I miss them all too much.
  4. All the time!!!! Someone above posted that the hounds don't understand the words, but I disagree. I think they know exactly what I'm saying!!!
  5. Late to the party but HAPPY, HAPPY 2ND GOTCHA to Miss Holly!!!!
  6. Both girls are good...just getting older like me. Just wondering where all that time went?!?!
  7. Stel and Lizzie had their annual checkup yesterday. Even though he had their records right in front of him, my vet asked me how old my girls were now. 12 and 13....he looked up and smiled. As he went over them, top to bottom, we talked about their varying signs of growing old. Stel's back end is going away from her, Lizzie doesn't see so well anymore....nothing earth shattering and even though I knew it, today it hit me hard. My girls are getting old and I'm not ready for it. He said that overall, they were healthy, holding their weight and to just keep doing what I'm doing for as long as they have left....months, another year, who knows? Having lost two of my boys so young, Lewis at 7 and Kevin at 5, I thought I was cursed and would never see any of my greyhounds become seniors. Now I have two and another getting close. How did that happen so quickly?
  8. Hoping it's an easy recovery for Comfie. My Hitchie has never been quite right since he came to me (very crooked front feet) but it hasn't slowed him down a bit. I adopted him 7 years ago and other than his annoying corn, he's doing just fine. I hope it's just as good for Comfie.
  9. Special hounds end up with special people....Hannah was one of those special hounds. Thank you for showing her how good life could be. I'm only sorry she didn't have more special time with you. Rest well, pretty girl.
  10. I am so sad to read this...I've loved Monty from afar for a long time. I'm quite sure that if we looked back far enough Monty and my Stella are related....almost every picture I have of her is a sleeping one. I am so sorry. Rest well, Sleepy Head...I'll miss you, too.
  11. Some things happen for a reason and Angel coming to you was one of those things. Rest well, baby girl.
  12. Oh no, my sweet little hamburgler has lost her mask. Dang...she turned grey faster than I did but she's still gorgeous and still one of my favorites!!!
  13. Good boy Possum....he wants you know it's all good now and he'll come back to visit now and then.
  14. What a face!!! I can see how Beatrice stole your hearts. Congratulations and I look forward to many, many stories and pictures!!!!
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