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Average Greyhound Owners Age

Guest BuddyDaddy

How old are you?  

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  1. 1. How old are you?

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Guest BuddyDaddy

I just wanted to know if there were any other mid 20 somethings out there like myself. If this is an appropriate question, and feel free to fudge a little if you want.


I am 25 so is kristy, and buddy is going to be three in may.

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Guest kdreckmann

We are, we are!


I'm 26 and my hubby is 25. We are the proud parents of Lenny our grey(5yrs old), two cats (3,5), one cockatoo (20), a fishy(2), and a 2.5 year old little boy! Talk about a zoo! LOL!

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Guest Kingsmum

Older than dirt...... :lol


No, seriously....I just turned 45! Don't feel it....told I don't look it...DH is 48

DS is 24 and DD is 19


Two greys, 4 and 5

two cats...10 and 5

10 year old orange tabby is the alpha male of the household.

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Guest PrimeTime

Oh - I am so depressed. I saw your title and thought "I'm in my twenties!" :) But then I remembered that I am 31 now (DH too). Where'd all those years go? :lol

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Guest Riley'sDad

I am 22, and BF is 28. I have had Riley since I was 19. He is now almost 6 :)


edit - looks like my BF was reading GT :lol I always forget that he has his own name!

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Guest Baileygrey

We are 25 well I am almost 26 :) Bailey is 5 and we got her a month after we got married. 3 years ago. Everyone thought we were nuts for doing that too.

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