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    My family, movies, MMO's, pets, Club Pogo LOL
  1. Many years ago, with my first greyhound, Sammi, my son begged to let her go trick or treating with us the first Halloween we had her. In my head, I am thinking of all the cats that roam the neighborhood, taking a tally of all the small dogs, and imagining all the candy wrappers on the sidewalk. I told him, "She can go, but she will have to wear her muzzle." So we thought up a costume that would go with her cherry red muzzle. 2 pairs of my son's white socks Muzzle My (signed ) Red Wings Jersey, fastened at her tuck so it wouldn't drag and the sleeves rolled up I carried my street hockey
  2. So very sad to read this Prayers to her family.
  3. Some random pics.. Providing shade for her fluffy friends Enjoying the summer breeze Helping me bake The star I had to add to the first PlayGrey roach post that DH ever saw. He was shocked when I was going to upload the original pic LOL He's not that way any more. Sammi taught him that sometimes ya just gotta relax and not have a care in the world who might blush And the infamous Automobile Anti-Theft picture
  4. Dearest Sammi, My heartdog at the bridge. I miss you so much every day. Today, you would have turned 13. The pain doesn't heal. The guilt won't go away. And you still deserve your tribute, the story of how wonderful you were. A Tribute of Pictures and Memories for my Alienface, The Queen Diva Supreme, my Heartdog, My Sammi.... I remember years ago, flipping through photos online. I was finally ready to have a dog again and that fateful day in early 2006 was unknowingly the beginning of our adventure. ...too small ...too furry ...not good with kids ...is that really a dog??
  5. A wonderful tribute, so sorry for your loss
  6. So very sorry for your sudden loss of your beautiful girl.
  7. Gryffenne


    So very sorry Run free, sweetie
  8. Still missing Sammi here. I cry every day. Maybe a tear, maybe full gut wracking sobs. Sometimes I feel grateful that she picked River last year and DH acted on it. Sometimes I feel guilty about the comfort River gives so freely... like if Sammi really is/was my heartdog... but they're just the dark, mean thoughts that depression and grief like to sneak in on you at your low points. I still haven't been able to write a fitting tribute for her. I try. But I can't get past that final morning. Took me a month to even be able to get pictures to Dick and have her NGA page updated.
  9. What a beautiful story. So sorry for your loss.
  10. Grats on the success with the IAMS!! : You will find on GreyTalk, that we discuss poop. A lot. And use many different descriptive examples to get our points across (basically short of taking pictures and posting them. Although there are a few...creative poop pics floating around! ) If the descriptions turned us off of food, we'd all be as skinny as our hounds
  11. Yes, they're very clingy. Lynni's gone from next to you/in the room with you, to on you. River was a velcro before, now tho...she's a whole new level of cling. I shall call her Dermis Dog That is definitely the level she is trying to achieve
  12. Tomorrow it will have been a month since Sammi went to The Bridge. (I know, I know.. I still haven't gotten to writing a proper post to remember her. Still difficult) It's been a rough time for Lynni and River. Not only was it the kick off week for Firework Season (ugh), and having to deal with my being an emotional trainwreck, but Sammi was the Alpha and the Keeper of the Clocks. Will they eventually decide who will step up and put on the crown? Or can a pair/pack get along without a leader that doesn't have 4 legs? When L&R were adopted last year, they just sorta picked up Sammi'
  13. They pretty much have to appear against raw feeding. The general public contains enough dolts that don't even properly keep and/or handle raw foods for their own consumption, nor do they research their own balanced diets. To promote something that would expect them to research proper nutrition and handling is a lawsuit waiting to happen in this country. Here on GT, and on other forums, we can ask questions. We can get input, encouragement, etc... from a much smaller knowledge base with almost 100% hands on experience. We're not going to sue each other. It took me a while to get comfort
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