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Barking, Training And More.

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First, let me say I had an ex-racing Greyhound in the early 1980s, I got him from Wonderland in Revere, MA. I went down there at 1 am (his trainer said that was the only time I could come) to get him. I lived in an old beach house that had a long open stairway to get up to it and no one mentioned that they can't do stairs right off the bat, so I spent an hour getting him up to my cottage. But that's another story.


I was young then and now after reading about Greyhounds online, I'm not sure how good of a dog owner I was back then. :ohno I had a flower store and he came to work with me almost every day (and snoozed). And in the evenings we walked - a lot. I just read online that Greyhounds do best with a 20-minute walk. Heck, we would walk the beach for a couple of hours! (with rest stops) So I'm feeling bad now that maybe I overexerted him (he never acted like he wasn't interested other than in rain).


Anyhow, in the ensuing years, my breed has been an Airedale Terrier. I love them so much, but they stay puppies forever (my most recent two were puppies until well after 10 years old). And I'm thinking since I'm somewhat older now that I might be a better doggie mom to a less demanding dog.


That being said... I still walk a lot. I walk on the beach and in the woods on trails. I live on Cape Cod so we aren't talking about mountains here. Just flat wide trails and some up and down hills. Can a Greyhound do this and more importantly, would he want too?


Here is my other question and it's not a deal breaker. I know that many Greyhounds are not usually barkers. Can they be taught to bark? I don't have another dog for them to learn from. Here is why I'd love a barker. I'm hearing impaired and I've trained all my Airedales to bark to alert me to certain sounds. They are not "legal" service dogs and I don't take them out as a service dog.


Here is an example. The Airedale I just lost I trained to bark when my teapot boiled. I can hear the bark but not the teapot (and the answer isn't a louder teapot because I go into the living room and I can't hear any teapot). He barked for running water, my iphone text ding, people at the door (that was easy!) and a bunch of others. It's just handy and helpful for me but again, it's not a deal breaker. (Since my Airedale passed just over a month ago I've got thru 3 teapots but who's counting)


So I guess I'm looking for some comments from people. I know Greyhounds have been used as service dogs, I've seen videos of them doing agility!


So what do you think and thanks for your help.



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I've never had a greyhound turn down a walk, ever. It's one of their favorite things, so I think you probably did fine by your first greyhound.


I think finding the right dog is going to be the most important part of adopting a greyhound for you, so it would be wise to work with the group adoption coordinator and maybe even the kennel manager if they have one to find the right dog for this type of training. We have had a few members here over the years who had greyhound service dogs, but as far as i know most are not active on the site any longer. I've met really smart greyhounds, and I've met some who would have no interest in what you are asking of them, so it really will be all about matching you with the right hound.


There are some trainers on the site who can chime in with their suggestions for what to look for in a hound and howto best accomplish the training. Good luck.


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Thanks for getting back to me, Ok good on the walking. I can really only judge the breed by my one dog, Max. He was SO food driven that I bet he would have been easy to train. I didn't really work on training him, he could sit and lay down and that's all I needed then. ;)

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i have always walked my greyhounds for miles and never was there a complaint. as to barking, well, all of mine have learned to "speak". felix is the most verbal and yodeled a long sentence, barks at anything that passes our yard or comes to the house. he would have most likely caught on to your needs and training. a good adoption group will help place the right dog.

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I see no issues with any of what you did or what you want to do.


Many people hike frequently/daily with their greyhounds. The issue is working up their stamina. They are essentially quarter mile sprinters - a long race takes 45 seconds! - but they love to be out and about! Look for a younger dog who has no major racing injuries.


As far as training is concerned, the trick with greyhounds is figuring out what motivates them. They aren't herding or hunting dogs bred to work cooperatively with their people. They hunt almost always as individuals, even when hunting with other dogs, so they are bred to make their own decisions about what they will and won't do. So finding an eager, food motivated dog will help you in training them to do what you want.


There are several groups that train greyhounds as support/emotional service dogs very successfully. If you have any experience in positive reinforcement training at all you should not have any problems.

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All 3 of my greys have barked - but mostly only with excitement when I walk in the door. Not even to the coyotes howling very close by. I went for long (8 miles) walks/jogs with my first grey and also have since wondered if I pushed him too hard - but he never seemed to be struggling so I think he was fine. My current ones let me know when they are about done. I’d say they are good for only about 2 miles. One is 9 and one 5. I believe galagos are bred more for endurance, whereas greys are sprinters, so that might be a breed to consider also. Good luck with your decision. (-:

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