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Digging Is Now Past A Joke...

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It started with finding hedgehogs in the flower borders and Peggy digging huge holes all around them because she can't catch them. Now it has progressed to digging holes under the bushes because that's where hedgehogs have been!

She's 10 in September and knows that digging like that really p***** me off. So today I have put green wire up to keep her back from the vulnerable plants. But she will dig the lawn too if the feeling takes her. This is a dog that is supposed to have (and does have) a weak front wrist. So what do I do? Never let her out unsupervized? Get her with the hose? Move the hedgehogs? (not allowed by law) Let her turn the whole back garden into a moonscape and re-turf it next Spring? ..........Arrrgh!!!


My 'lovely' green wire fence...




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My first thought was, What stinkin' holes, I don't see any holes :lol But that isn't helpful is it. Can you give Peggy a dedicated sand pit and encourage her to dig there? Soft sand in a specific spot might be a compromise you both can live with. A child's sandbox or build one similar to a raised garden bed?

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A sand pit might just be an answer, though she has "non-official" access to one of those down in the park, and she goes to the beach quite often.

She is just a 'cussed' dog... always was, and that's one of her 'charms'.. Why it has to be hedgehogs (animals that I actually like) causing all this trouble I just do not know!

She doesn't dig the garden in the winter, and she's only started again now the heatwave has gone and it rained enough to make the top of the soil soft and me think about building an ark!

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Moonscapes do have their own charm!


When you mentioned getting the hedgehogs in the bushes, my thought was "why do you have a problem with your pup getting her toys out of the bushes?" and "why does this involve digging unless someone has buried her toys?". Then I saw that you are in the UK and are blessed with real live hedgehogs, not grunting hedgemahogs! I am envious.

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People who say greyhounds don't dig or can't dig are cracked in the head. Mine can excavate a dog-sized hole in packed dirt in about 45 seconds.


Dedicate a spot for her to dig and redirect her there whenever you see her start. A sand pit or box is good too - those plastic kids wading pools will at least limit the damage. I know it doesn't deal with the hedgehog issue though. Maybe there's some way to exclude them from the yard??? Sonic repellants or whirlygigs?? Human traps? It doesn't sound like lethal methods are going to be an answer for you.

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