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Sammi Slipped And Fell Hard

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Sammi forgets once in a while that she is 11+ :( This evening, after dinner, she got excited when I was getting the leashes out and did her kangaroo hopping behind me. When I turned, she collided with my elbow while hopping up and her back leg gave out :cry1 She fell HARD on her side.


I checked her over carefully, no sensitive spots. She walked fine. No limp.


Well now, a few hours later, she is stiff and wobbly. I wouldn't say she is favoring it, more like determined to tough it out. I gave her one of her pain pills and she is snuggled next to me on the couch, staying still and looking completely pitiful.


Should I apply heat/keep her hips warm? I feel guilty because it was my elbow she bonked that tipped her balance, even tho I know that her back end is getting weaker and she has sprawled or tripped on her own accord. (Her back end is the #1 reason we moved our bedroom to the downstairs. No more stairs for our little lovey. )

Hopefully she feels better in the morning. I'm worried about her. :sad1

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Personally, I would not add any heat. If anything, a cool cloth (applied for no more than a few minutes at a time) could help reduce swelling. Hopefully her pain medication might provide some anti-inflammatory properties.


Positive thoughts for a speedy recovery for your girl.

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She'll probably have some stiffness/pain tomorrow as well. Gentle stretches (including perhaps slower walkies) should help work through that, and a bit of gentle massage while you're snuggling won't hurt her at all either.


I'm glad there don't seem to be any serious injuries!

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Hope your sweet old girl bounces back quickly and completely. My girls are 11 and they forget sometimes too.

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