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My Girl Is Retired End Of Story!

Guest Amis_Ma

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Guest Amis_Ma

We don't yet have our yard fenced in (brand new house), so we brought Ami to a fenced in soccer field in hopes that she could take advantage of the freedom. I was excited to see her strut her stuff but after sniffing the perimeter of the fence and a quick sprint she decided it was time to call it a day :cheers I for sure ran more than she did just trying to convince her to run! She looked at me as if to say, "Ma I'm retired" in a sassy sarcastic teenaged tone :read


I love my girl! :beatheart

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Over the years, I've noticed they tend to want to run only every four days or so, just like they would at the track. Especially if they raced for a significant period of time. Most days are just sniffing or some muzzle jousting, but every four or five days they all get a wild hair up their collective butts and it's off to the races!

Chris - Mom to: Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)

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Angels: Libby (Everlast), Dorie (Dog Gone Holly), Dude (TNJ VooDoo), Copper (Kid's Copper), Cash (GSI Payncash), Toni (LPH Cry Baby), Whiskey (KT's Phys Ed), Atom, Lilly

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Guest Waterdog66

Yeah, Audrey gets into the Off Leash pen by herself and quickly finds a shady spot under a tree and falls asleep with a heavy sigh :flip


Give her another dog that KNOWS how to play with a greyhound (Like another Grey) and its GAME ON!

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the following story applies:


How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned-out light bulb?
Border Collie: Just one. And I'll replace any wiring that's not up to code.
Dachshund: I can't reach the stupid lamp!
Toy Poodle: I'll just blow in the Border collie's ear and he'll do it.* By the time he finishes rewiring the house, my nails will be dry.
Rottweiler: Go Ahead!* Make me!
Shi-tzu: Puh-leeze, dah-ling. Let the servants.* .* .* .
Lab: Oh, me, me!!!* Pleeeeeeze let me change the light bulb!* Can I?* Can I? Huh?* Huh?* Can I?
Malamute: Let the Border collie do it..* You can feed me while he's busy.
Cocker Spaniel: Why change it?* I can still pee on the carpet in the dark.
Doberman Pinscher: While it's dark, I'm going to sleep on the couch.
Mastiff: Mastiffs are NOT afraid of the dark.
Chihuahua: Yo quiero Taco Bulb.
Pointer: I see it, there it is, right there...
Greyhound: It isn't moving.* Who cares?
Australian Shepherd: Put all the light bulbs in a little circle...
Old English Sheep Dog: Light bulb?* Light bulb?* That thing I just ate was a light bulb?


why bother to run when there's nothing to chase.


Wayne Kroncke

Vegetarians: My food poops on your food.

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Henry only runs in the apartment. Outside, no fun, inside, he's a maniac.

Beth, Petey (8 September 2018- ), and Faith (22 March 2019). Godspeed Patrick (28 April 1999 - 5 August 2012), Murphy (23 June 2004 - 27 July 2013), Leo (1 May 2009 - 27 January 2020), and Henry (10 August 2010 - 7 August 2020), you were loved more than you can know.

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JJ's sole mission at the dog park when he is alone (and he is always alone... he doesn't get along with other breeds) is to mark and mark and mark the perimeter of the fence

He's an completely different dog when with his greyhound pals: he'll run and play and roll in the grass until he's tired, then he'll solicit scritches from the humans

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I only had a single Greyhound for a few months before I adopted a second...and eventually ended up with 4 plus a Galgo and 2 Ibizans. He was a little less active until I added another Greyhound. He didn't care to run alone (but he will play alone). Now, all of mine run every single day for a decent amount of time, even my almost 10 year old first boy. They get restless if they can't run one day due to horrible weather or something. I have always had a higher energy household than many Greyhound homes and my dogs have always been very fit and active. I have thousands of running pictures on my computer since I stay out there with them while they run and play. :lol:

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I had Dart for 5 years and never once saw him run. We would go to the dog park and people would be all excited because they thought they were going to see a Greyhound run. What they saw a Greyhound do was pee EVERYWHERE and then lay under a tree and sleep (yes, he slept at the dog park, he was that laid back).


Molly will run and run and run and run to people for petting and attention. After that she will deign to run, if she feels like it. :) Mason will...stand next to me. He's a mama's boy.

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