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Filling A Prescription For Amicar

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Nadir is going to have his teeth cleaned and have a corn surgically removed on the 18th of December. I want to have Amicar on hand in the event of any tooth extractions that may be necessary. I'm having trouble though finding local pharmacies that carry it. My vet can get it, but he would have to order a 100 count bottle at a price of $200+. Those who have used Amicar, where did you have your prescription filled?

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My vet ordered it in for us but we didn't have to pay for the 100 pill minimum - he sees plenty of other GH as well.


Can your vet call affiliated vets to see if they will fill a smaller script for you?


Hugs to Nadir - we'll be thinking of him come mid Dec!

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

When Demon needed it, we had to find it ASAP and not wait for an order. I called every local pharmacy I could and finally found one with it in stock.

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Check with hospital pharmacies. Amicar is used on humans post-op, too.


P.S. Also check with Auburn. The vet school does surgeries on dogs--and on greyhounds, too.

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Costco carries it too


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Got mine at Target's pharmacy :nod

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