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A Bit Bizarre

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I'm down here in Dewey. On the sand. Yesterday morning and this morning Tanzi did a very odd thing. When my little Opal peed, instead of either ignoring it or peeing over it, Tanzi BURIED it under the sand. using her nose. Much the same way any dog would bury a bone. She did it twice.


In all my years owning greys and knowing people that owned greys I've never seen anything like it.


When I get home I am going to get a urinalysis done on Opal to see if there's something in it that caused Tanzi to want to bury it.


What's everyone's thought on it?


By the way, Opal is not showing any signs of diabetis or had any meds, She also had a complete bloodwork just a couple months ago because of her surgery for a blown ligament.


When Emma pees, Tanzi pees over it.

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Guest Scouts_mom

She's a tidy girl and wants the beach to stay clean!


Seriously, maybe its an instinct to hide traces of her pack when she's in a strange place.

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Rio will pee and bury it sometimes. Since she also plays with catnip toys, we think she is was a cat in her former life..lol...

Rio aka El Rio (Dec. 4/07) - Home May 16, 2010
Tiana aka CTW Tyra Time (June 7/07 to December 9, 2016) - home July 1, 2010, we miss you terribly, Sweet Girl :weep

Willy aka Starz Predator (Oct. 15/06) - home Aug. 29, 2010
and littermates Merlin aka CTW Excalibur & Mirage aka CTW Mirage (Jan. 1/08) - home Dec. 5, 2010
& June 3, 2012
missing Beagle-Chihuahua, Kasie Lynn (March 15/95-Sept. 13/10)

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Guest greyaspet

My Sydney does that all the time if she pees in dirt or if Ruby pees in the dirt if they do it on grass she doesn't but Sydney was also a brood on a farm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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