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N S A I D Substitutes


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Hi everyone!


With the vanishing of Derramax, and my own need for a cheaper alternative to Rimadyl, I was wondering what other options are out there for nsaids? I'm thinking prescription, not alternative therapies like supplements.


I've got two dog taking Rimadyl, two 75mg chewables per day. A 180 tablet supply (or 45 days for both dogs) cost me almost $300!! at my vet. It doesn't appear to be available from Costco where I get other canine rxs from for a good pric. Though other local pharmacies seem to carry it, their prices aren't online.

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Have you checked places like 1-800 Pet Meds? After George tries out Rimadyl, his vet has already said to have them send her an RX request as she already knows they're cheaper than the vet clinic.


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Check Target to see if they have a pharmacy near you that carries vet meds. Rimadyl is listed (but it's not one of their $4 generics). I don't know what dosage they carry, but it's worth checking out.


(My 65-pound boy takes Meloxicam. He gets half of a 7.5mg pill once a day.)

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We are using Metacam from Drs. Foster & Smith, and it seems to be working better than Deramaxx that we previously used.


I've wondered if/when Deramaxx becomes available, how many users who had to find alternatives will go back to using it.

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Guest OPointyDog

Zoe was prescribed Previcox when Rimadyl disagreed with her stomach. It's shockingly expensive, though! More than $3 per pill at the vet. Maybe you can find it cheaper. Fortunately she hasn't really needed it!

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We use carprofen otherwise known as Novox here. Not as expensive as derramax but only available through vets/pet med websites.

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