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Full Moon Behavior?

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A few nights ago, on a full moon, clear skies, Tracker requested to be let out at night not once, but twice, something he has never done before or since, ca 3 hours apart. The crazy thing is that he ran zoomies each time (after relieving himself)! Nothing at all had been different during the day, normal exercise etc. We were wondering whether the moon had anything to do with it?? (not that any other full moon ever inspired him to do this...)


If not zoomies, has anybody noticed some distinctly different behavior on such days/nights? I'm not particularly serious about a full moon connection at this point, since it may all have been coincidence, but who knows... now if he ran zoomies in broad night light the next full moon, then we'd be talking for sure!

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Guest giantsfan

Something similar happened here on the full moon night a few days ago too. One dog asked to go out twice, the other once, in the middle of the night and each time they were trolling the yard like it was noon playtime....which they never do on the rare occasions they need to go out at night. The weather was a little warmer that night, so I had chalked it up to spring fever, but maybe the full light of the moon added to it.

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My Mom swears my father, who has late-stage Alzheimer's, is even worse during full moons. But I have read that studies show that people PERCEIVE things differently during the full moon because of the mythology of the full moon. And yet--the stories persist!


As to my dog, no. The full moon does nothing to him (or me). My cat is always a lunatic, so ... :rolleyes:


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No weirdness with my hounds, but yesterday at dusk my friend was walking her greyhound in Griffith Park when 5 coyotes ran in swift progression by she and her dog in a sort of fast single file. They ran to the area where there were people and traffic. Very very weird and un-coyote like behavior.


As for humans, I work in a health clinic and I can vouch for unusual behavior manifesting/clustering around full moon phases. My friend's daughter is an RN in an ER in Indianapolis, she swears it's weirder then, too. She says the psych unit is always filled to the brim during the full moon.

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