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Milo Hospital Update

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So, we left our sweet boy at the ER vet hospital last night, after a long day of bloody diarrhea (which was really, only blood) and vomiting.


His blood work shows a white blood cell count of around 2. As I understand it, greyhounds have a lower WBC than other dogs, but that's below the healthy level for them, even. The vet's concern is that he has a gastrointestinal infection of some sort but that his body's not fighting it. She's put him on IV fluids, IV famotidine and two IV antibiotics (gram pos and gram neg).


The vet tech called at 6:30 a.m to tell us about his night. He hadn't thrown up or excreted blood since we brought him in last night. He rested all right. They wanted to offer him some food, but didn't have anything lamb based (which is the kind of kibble he eats at home,) so I cooked up some ground beef and rice (he *loves* ground beef as a treat) and went to visit him around noon.


He was happy to see us - even wagged and grinned for a bit - but he was especially happy to smell ground beef. Had his nose stuck in the shopping bag right away. We laid down and petted while the vet tech checked with the doc about what food to give him. When she returned with a plate of beef and rice and kibble, he only had eyes for the food. He ate all the beef and rice, ignored the kibble, then settled back down for petting. He's subdued - clearly not feeling well, but he's not freaked out about being at the hospital, which was a big concern for me. We also brought one of his beds and a pillow (he's a greyhound, of course he needs a pillow!) He went happily with the vet tech when we were done our visit.


I just checked and two and a half hours later, he's kept the food down! Thank heavens for small victories!


They want to keep him another night and I'm very glad of this. Tomorrow they will do the blood tests again and see if the WBC is up.


Please keep thinking of us and praying.

Here's a picture of him on holidays last summer, back seat driving:





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Sounds like he's battling a bout of HGE. The antibiotics and fluids should fix him right up. Eating is a good sign, keeping it down will be a better sign. If he's able to keep it down he'll be on the road to recovery. Fingers crossed for a good evening report!

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Sounds like he is doing well, all things considered! Hope he continues to improve so he can come home with you tomorrow.

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Great update! :yay We're pullin' for you, Milo. :heart

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Guest VaGreymom

Prayers for your sweet Milo and hugs for you. Sounds like HGE to me. I have had this happen to one of my girls a couple of times. Pretty scary. The fluids will help and it is greyt news that Milo is eating.

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