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Please Say More Prayers For Nelly!

Guest Greensleeves

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Guest Greensleeves

Nelly's been on her IV therapy for her kidney disease since Tuesday afternoon, and she's scheduled for more bloodwork "first thing tomorrow." We are hoping desperately to see improvement in her numbers. If you can spare some good thoughts, prayers, white light, or crossed paws, she sure could use them. :hope :hope :hope


(We had a great visit tonight; after being told by her doctor that they could not get her to eat, we arrived with a feast! :lol I had a bowl of soaked KD kibble, sprinkled with a tiny bit of chopped up turkey, plus a garnish of French bread--Nelly's favorite food on Earth. A new vet tech brought her in to the visiting room, and told us that just about half an hour earlier, she'd gotten Nelly to eat almost half a can of KD! :yay DH--normally quite reserved around strangers--actually hugged her. :D Nelly happily ate the food we brought, had a nice drink of water, and loved on everyone. I am hoping all this means she's getting a little better, and not just that the medicines are making her feel better.)


We are so nervous here--we're both anxiously waiting and dreading the news tomorrow. Whimper.

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sending prayers! :hope :hope

Kim and Bruce - with Rick (Rick Roufus 6/30/16) and missing my sweet greyhound Angels Rainey (LG's Rainey 10/4/2000 - 3/8/2011), Anubis (RJ's Saint Nick 12/25/2001 - 9/12/12) and Zeke (Hey Who Whiz It 4/6/2009 - 7/20/2020) and Larry (PTL Laroach 2/24/2007 - 8/2/2020) -- and Chester (Lab) (8/31/1990 - 5/3/2005), Captain (Schipperke) (10/12/1992 - 6/13/2005) and Remy (GSP) (?/?/1998 - 1/6/2005) at the bridge
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." -- Ernest Hemmingway

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Sending more prayers for your sweet baby girl. :grouphug


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Hi Steph-- we didn't know you had acquired a new greyhound! I hope Miss Nelly feels better soon and that all her bloodwork comes out perfectly.

Melissa, Penelope (LC's Wild Rose)

Missing sweet Bell (EMK Bolivar Bell). I'll never forget you.

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man."

- Mark Twain

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Adding prayers, light and :getwell wishes for your baby girl. :hope Glad to hear she's eating! :)

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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