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  1. Hai! Hai! I am about 15 minutes away from my first shower and shampoo in EIGHT days! 😱. We left Two Medicine in Glacier this morning and are spending the night in Glasgow MT cuz of Eugene's Pizza--voted best pizza in Montana numerous times. You can't believe how much I'm looking forward to hot water and shampoo. Yes, baby wipes are the camper's best friend but they don't do anything for hair. Truth be told, I itch. 😳. Also looking forward to watching my first bit of the Olympics. We scored half a box of Washington peaches about 20 miles down the road. Slaver. Drool. I have finally read up to date and wish a quick recovery to all, no more teefs on the hoomans, and just send all those rainy rains up here where we need it desperately. We have been out since 6/23 and have not seen ONE DROP of rain.
  2. Spirit hon, your mommas love you and will do the best they can for you. I know you know that. We will still be in Montana, just south of Glacier, but in an area of absolutely no service Friday late morning-Sunday afternoon. So I won't be able to say it then, but you all will be in my heart.
  3. OUCH Miss Jennie!!!! Heal quickly please. We are very bear aware. No food has ever been in the camper or cooked beside it. Canvas walls make a person cautious.
  4. Ah yes. the Phantom Quoter strikes again. I have NO idea why that happens. Greetings from the laundromat in Hungry Horse MT. We move on Friday to a different campground for the Waterton-Glacier Hamfest. Tho since the border is closed second year in a row there won't be any Canadian Waterton representation. Figured starting out clean wouldn't be a bad idea. (That's clothes knot Canadians!) Here's hoping for the proper unicorn pills, more comphy butts, and good snacks all around.
  5. Sending all the love I can shove thru my phone to Spirit and Miss Lucy. Look at The Widge's fancy braided mane! Very spiffy. I saw a podenco whilst waiting to get in a store here the other day. Felt so smug to know what I was looking at. Hada, you have opened my horizons. Forgot to mention I thought I knew about all the 40's and 50's strange foods but hot dog pie seems to have escaped me. 😩 I find the war time ads for making dishes that would fit into your ration points, availability, budget, etc quite fascinating Don't know how Mom did it. I do like a nice jello salad however. I have in the far past made a nice one with chopped cranberries and nuts that was tasty--so there! 😆
  6. Connectivity!!! Hai! Hai! Yea for a new a Club and for good gardening and for Miss Elizabeth's cool hair and for Spirit having The Poop Eating Weekend in celebration of being 14 1/2 and for Wiki Walks wiffout Mamas having been survived and for swimming lessons and for everything else I haven't remembered. All this talk about rainy rains ..... Glacier is as desert dry as North Dakota is. I don't remember what rain looks like. Send a couple nice days of rain my way and I promise you a Huckleberry Bearclaw thru the youessbee drive. We head home sometime earlyish August. There comes a day we look at each other and say "yep, it's time". We probably should be home by the 12th since there's a beeg caching thingmee in Wisconsin the gang of nuts is going to head out for. I plan to bail Linus out of The Resort and Spa, wash everything that doesn't get up and walk off, and savor the fact we will finally have an Indian restaurant in town. Haven't had one since The Flood in '97 which is really weird for a college town.
  7. Connectivity! It's been a couple of days but I got in this morning and am all caught up. Holding Lucy and Spirit in my heart. Poop bags from out of the blue definitely sounds like good karma. Ducky, I thought of that story of yours when I went for my annual squishing the day before we left on our trip. Always think of it in the waiting room. 😜. Luckily my bone scan happens just down the hall to it's all very efficient. I showed DH my results that say I'm "normal" and he snorted most roodly and figured he wanted a second opinion. 😲😏. Good thing he's cute. I'm thinking of all who need thinking of.
  8. Bear claws for Miss Patsy and a whole bear for Miss Robin. since Miss Patsy is currently sleeping under canvas, that's just fine with me!
  9. I am pleased to report that the tree supervision project is going well and I can report the half a bearclaw I had about an hour ago was NOM. I'm afraid the huckleberries would gum up every buddy's you es bee drives so I'm going to just keep them here and think of you all when I eat them. *ducks and runs*
  10. Just checking in with a quick hai to all whilst it is still early enuf I can get thru. DH is leaving about 11 this morning to make a day of it before a rodeo this evening. I plan to lounge around reading and supervising the trees growing. We are now the proud possessor of 6 Polebridge Mercantile huckleberry bearclaws. Yum! Yes they get stale in a couple days but we are agreed that a stale bearclaw is better than no bearclaw at all.
  11. Man o man does your bakandforth ever work. Just got the call they are DONE already.
  12. As someone who has always startled easily I HATE fireworks. I sure wouldn't mind a little bakandforthbakandforth for the cause of our getting out of town in a timely manner today.
  13. Long story short: AC compressor is ded. Ded. Ded. Ded. Honda part not available til Monday. Aftermarket part should be available tomorrow morning. With luck we should be back on the road about 4 pm tomorrow. Since it doesn't get dark until 10 ish we should be able to get to the campground and set up before dark.
  14. Sympathy and welcomes and hang in there's as appropriate. The good news is that our high for the day in Helena MT will be two degrees lower than yesterday. The bad news is that takes us to 97! Good news is our AC apt with Helena Honda is 2:30 this afternoon. It's been a very long time since mid morning Tuesday when it died. Bad news is we got hit with a rock chip Tuesday. The weather has been so hot that the chip in the windshield "ran" with enthusiasm. We're hoping it is high up enuf we can ignore it until we get home since we'll hit a lot of construction this trip. *Patsy goes back to watching the Tour de France and worshipping her lovely motel AC*. Oops! Almost forgot to acknowledge Canada Day. 🇨🇦
  15. Feeling dim here. I'm on my phone like always. Trying to make a new donation. I go to the donations page and can't figure out how to give Jeff my $$$$! 🙀 I poke and prod everything I can find and nothing seems activated. I don't dare hit "renew subscription" cuz it's way down at the $25/month area I had mistakenly hit before and Jeff graciously cancelled out for me. I love you guys dearly but ........ So help? Please?
  16. Don't know why I can't edit since I faithfully support GT??? Just googled said critter. Eeeeppppppp
  17. Good morning from Helena, Montana all. We had quite the abvensure yesterday. No, it wasn't Zooming into a Civil Service Commission special meeting as we bumped and rattled thru a major construction zone. That went just fine. It was that the AC in Blue, our loyal 2010 Honda CRV, absolutely died on us about mid morning. Yes, temps were about 99. 🙀 😱 😩. We were lucky to snag a service appointment for mid afternoon tomorrow. Until then we just fry. 😫😢. And yes, Blue got a nice checkup before we left. Said checkup theoretically included the AC. I believe this will be mentioned to our Honda dealer when we get back home. 🧐 Thanksgiving-Christmas is a lovely time on Maui. I'm just sayin'. *wanders off to Google lost cobra sneaks in NC*
  18. We're in a motel until Friday evening when we get to our campground after a couple days in Helena. High temps for West Glacier for the next four days are 99, 99, 99, and 95. This is just batsh*t! Wikiweddings sound great. We have our 45th coming up in December. Want to come out to Maui so we can have a Wiki vows renewal?
  19. Alive and well and caching the daylights out of Minot ND. Start west tomorrow and will be in campsite by Glacier Friday.
  20. Just a quick check in to establish I am alive and well/actually exhausted but still alive. So glad to hear good news from Guest and Miss Fancy.
  21. Hoping Liddle Hadaparsnip is getting better. Yea for the 30 year old jockstraps being GONE! What's next? Been busy getting us and the camper ready for being gone 6 weeks or so Linus goes to his resort tomorrow. It's going to be weird packing the suitcase for only one kitteh.
  22. A shirt with a collar?? Oh the horror 🙀. You have my profound sympathies. That's just knot rite.
  23. I seem to be back in the land of the living/acceptable/signed in. 😲 I couldn't make the video move but it's a really pretty picture anyway. Miss Jennie, I think DH's old Palm Pilot is up in the attic. When yours dies I have a replacement for you. DH just discontinued our landline which outdates him and dates back to 6/69. I am a great believer in making things I know are trash just disappear.
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