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Alan Limping

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I got home from work and Alan was limping, seemed to be the front left paw. I checked it, it seems fine, I can touch it. I got him to walk outside, he walked a few steps, limped, dragged the left paw. Then I noticed the right shoulder was quivering. He has a difficult time getting down on his bed, more so than before. It's been lately that he has a hard time getting down b/c of his back legs. How do I know if this is from him running after squirrels this morning or something more serious?

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Did he do more running than usual this morning?


Probably not an emergency unless he seems to be getting worse or is acting oddly ... your judgement ... but if not better in the a.m. I would see the vet.

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He did run some this a.m., but my DH had him in the park. Can't get a great answer from him! I think he might be in some pain and he is very thirsty too - not related I guess. He seems to walk it off a bit but only takes a few steps and then walks slightly wobbly. He just used his front paws to dig in a hole in my backyard. Don't know what to make of it - he's not "right".

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BuyCut had a slight limp yesterday & today he's fine...he's 10 & very active...so I figured he turned wrong.

I think since his shoulder is quivering, I'd go ahead & take him in just for an exam. It might just be a "charlie horse".

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Time to go back to the vet if not better by Thursday. It's probably a soft tissue injury. Mine limp at least once a week to freak me out!

Polli's limping too!



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Hopefully by tomorrow he will be fine. :grouphug

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How is Alan this afternoon?


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Good! Now don't scare us again sweetie! :grouphug


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