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Mourning The Loss Of My Buddy

Guest robmercy

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Guest robmercy

On August 13th, my baby Clayton passed away from a heat stroke. SoCal got hit with an awful heatwave. On the 12th I took him to the emergency and I knew that he was bad and it was going to be the last time I see him. He needed plasma and the vet was going to charge $400 per unit!!! Since all my greys are from Hemopet and were all blood donors, we urgently got ahold of someone that works there. A good friend who got what we needed. The vet suggested 3 units. So we drove from West of Riverside to Garden Grove on that 91fwy and brought back 3 units of Plasma & 3 units of blood. The doctor was in shock that we got it and got it for free! Needless to say, he started off good, but took a fall by morning. My other big boy, Kind, got symptoms (blood in urine) around 2AM, so he had to get rushed to the emergency also. Clayton passed at approx. 6am.


Clayton (Legion Of Doom) 8/5/00 - 8/13/07


Clayton and Kind were the first two greys we adopted. Clayton we had seen at the Home Show at the Orange County Fair Grounds. He was there with a foster group. We instantly fell in love with him and we arranged to adopt him. Clayton was the first to step into our home when we lived in Mission Viejo. That weekend, my partner had seen Kind and he wanted me to look at him before we made a decision. Kind was in San Diego, so Clayton was the one to make the initial home visit. When everything seemed okay, we signed the groups papers, but had to sign Hemopet papers. So we went to their bubble bath day to get Clayton and look at Kind. At first we were going to take one, which ended up being Kind. But I convinced my partner to not leave Clayton behind. My parnter figured no one would take Clayton cause he was a special needs dog taking thyroid pills and eye drops for panus.


Clayton was a nervous grey, but he was perfect. He was not only beautiful, he was no trouble at all and just loved to go for rides, even if it were down the street. He hated flies, so we always left the bedroom door open so he could hide and lay on his bed. So now when I come home it doesn't feel right, cause I'm not doing certain meds and i always look for him in the room. I miss him running up and leaping when he heard the collars clanging.


The night we got the blood for him, I asked the doctor to see him. She took us back and he instantly sat up and he had a huge smile. We told him how much we loved him and appreciate him. I prayed for him when I had the change. I told the doctor, "well he's happy to see us, he had a huge smile". The doctor goes, "are you sure it was a smile"....like I'm stupid or something. And I said, "I know my dog and I know when he's happy and I know his smile".


We're going to have him cremated so we could take his remains and spread them where ever we plan on staying. I think the plan is still to move to Idaho. I didn't want to leave him at a cemetary and not visit him and pay my respects. My partner found this awesome urn to put him in. So we are just waiting for that.


I was going to come on here and post something, but the thought of reliving it was too hard and last week was too emotional. I didn't even want to sit at my computer. When i think of him, I shed a tear or so. We are trying our best to cope, but these guys are our babies since we don't have kids. They rely on us for food, water and meds. We spoil them and our world evolves around them and there needs. Though we spent over $2400 in vet bills, our concern was our greys and their health. Typing this has been emotionly hard, but I really needed to express my love & feelings for my grey who was very special in our lives. My partner never cries and I've never seen it till that call from the vet. When he broke down, I did so also. Only thing is I had to go to work, so I had to hide my emotions since I work in an institution. So I haven't had the time to proper time to mourn for my loved one.


Clayton, I will love you and miss you always.




This image below was taken at the last show and tell event we had hosted at B&E feed store in Norco for HemoPet. I took Clayton for some special pictures. (May 07)


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Guest argolola

My heart is breaking for you and I am crying as I read your tribute and see Clayton's pictures. What a handsome angel.


Please take comfort in knowing that you gave him a good life and lots of love. You and your partner will be in my prayers.

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I'm so sorry. :cry1

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Run free Sweetheart...you are loved and missed always. :grouphugf_yellow


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Guest smeghead_666

Hi, What a handsome chap Clayton was, such a cute face. I am sure he is now keeping an eye on his forever family. I also lost my baby Missy 2 weeks ago to a freak accident and I also had to return to work straight after. No time to grieve for my best friend. I truely understand how you feel and have recieved great support from many people on this forum to whome I thank from my heart.


Take heart from the knowlege that everything we did were in the best possible interests of Clayton and Missy. They are the lucky ones to have such a loving and careing family who have always done the best by them.


"God speed Clayton."


Kindest regards to you both, You are not alone in your greif of a loved one, but are allowed to feel feelings of loss - It is only natural and part of the healing process.


God bless

Mark & Family

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