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Introducing Prince Igby

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Introducing Prince Igby. That was his racing name and we're just going to call him Igby. AKA 'Shadow Pie-Face' ... because he's black and follows me around and because his face, according to DH, is shaped like a piece of pie... I think he looks just like Iggy Pop.


We brought him home Saturday morning and he is wonderful. And he fetches! Many thanks to his foster Dad who discovered this ability. Also thanks to Greyhound Welfare for letting us adopt.


Here he is in the car on the way home.



Here he is relaxing in his crate shortly after his arrival. You can really see the pie-face here :)



Inspecting his toy box... which is empty because he took most of his toys to his crate.



All tuckered out after today's bath.



Just chillin'



And finally playing with one of his new toys.



We are so happy to have him home!

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What a cutie!! Congratulations. :)

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Congrats!!! And I too am interested in the water thing.... :huh

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Congrats! He's adorable and seems to be settling in already! Quick question: Is that a water bowl hanging in the corner of his crate? If so, where did you get it? If not, nevermind


Yes that's a water bucket. DH is a home improvements contractor... so once upon a time it held a long roll of screws for his screw gun... however I'm getting ready to buy a stainless steel 2qt pail that i can replace it with. you can buy it online from drs foster and smith or online petsmart. it's only about $7.

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congrats!!!!! what great pictures!!!!


he could be my Anubis's twin!!!! same facial expressions and all! Nube's an unflappable, laid back slug :D:wub:



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:wave Welcome to GT from New Carrollton! Congratulations on Igby! I'll be calling in a few months to check in! (I do GW's 3 month follow-up calls...)


Stick around - and post more pix!!!

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Oh, cool. I didn't know you adopted one of ours. I remember pulling that guy off the truck (or, converted motorhome, rather. Belinda and Ray drove his haul). :) Contrats on your adoption!

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He's really adorable. Congratulations!

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the picture of igby in the toy-lined crate reminds me of when our katie did that after she first got home. all that stopped when she decided she didn't need to stay in the crate any longer!

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