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  1. I'm so sorry that your experience was not good. However, I have to disagree with your post. Every dog is different as well as every family. To make a blanket statement that greys would be better with a couple and no kids? Crazy. Every dog is different. Some thrive being an only dog and a single owner. Others are social butterflies. You had your dog for three weeks. In my opinion that wasn't near enough time for either of you to have gotten to know each other. Good luck in the future whether that includes having a greyhound or not.
  2. That is either a corn or a cutaneous horn. I had a greyhound with a cutaneous horn. For a few years I thought it was an extra toe nail. Then a vet tried to "hull" it out thinking it was a corn. If it's a cutaneous horn it will be sort of soft. I was able to trim it down and it was sort of spongy texture. They don't hurt the dog and there is no reason to be worried about them. Easy to manage, just need to keep it trimmed so it doesn't snag on carpet.
  3. I'm so sorry. is he on medication? It may be time to adjust his medications.
  4. I wish there was a like/love button for Jens post. Please, recheck with your vet on the pain meds or better yet find a new one. Ace and Dramamine are not sufficient pain meds at all.
  5. LPop, where are you located. Maybe Jen can help find a trainer who will answer the phone. . Good luck, I hope you, your son, and Rock can get this resolved.
  6. If she raced until 5 she has never been alone. In fact she was in a crate with dogs all around her. Now she is in a kitchen, no other dogs and her "people" are out of site. Her entire world has changed. If you don't want her upstairs you need to make sure that she doesn't feel so alone. A radio or a TV left on sometimes helps.
  7. Oh Wendy. I'm so very sorry . He and Danger are together and playing again. He was a stunning boy.
  8. White fluffy is completely different than your small bulldog. And outdoors is different than what happens in the house. We have a mini Aussie. He is about 10 pounds and very fluffy. In the house all my dogs are small dog safe and cat safe. We also have a 3 pound chi mix and a 12 pound cat. However, outside my greyhounds have chased and even grabbed the mini Aussie. They don't even mess with the chi but the hairy dog bounces and the hair shakes and, well, looks like a stuffed toy rolling through the yard. You don't need to muzzle your dog but you do need to take some precautions.
  9. Ouch! I had a friends who's dog had to have ACL surgery. That dog was severely obese. Once she did the surgery and put the dog on a diet with regular exercise he did great. Hope the surgery goes well.
  10. I'm in Amarillo, TX. My vet gives the rattlesnake vaccine but I don't do it because I don't live in the country and I don't take my dogs in areas of snakes. The vaccine does not protect against the venom but does buy you some time to get to the vet. If you can't get to the vet after the bite it could still kill the dog. I don't know about the Benadryl thing.
  11. Those look more like ant bites to me. I had one dog with pimples (blackheads) and I have three teenage girls with acne. I don't pop or mess with any of them. The dog wasn't self conscious about it but the kids got some face wash.
  12. Exactly what Pam said. Dallas is a very broad area. There are TONS of great vets in and around Dallas and also many specialists. If you can narrow down the area that they are moving to it will help.
  13. I never knew Dangers story. I met you in 2009 at Sandy Paws. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Danger was loved and you will always carry him with you. Big hugs to you.
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