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  1. I'm so sorry that your experience was not good. However, I have to disagree with your post. Every dog is different as well as every family. To make a blanket statement that greys would be better with a couple and no kids? Crazy. Every dog is different. Some thrive being an only dog and a single owner. Others are social butterflies. You had your dog for three weeks. In my opinion that wasn't near enough time for either of you to have gotten to know each other. Good luck in the future whether that includes having a greyhound or not.
  2. This is almost 8 years old! I'm 40 now! Guh, that now puts me in a whole new age bracket than when I answered before
  3. The nose and face are perfect. Nothing else going on anywhere, just the one ear.
  4. No smell at all. The vet even seemed a bit stumped. When you flake off some of the crusty parts it bleeds. He thoroughly checked the inside of the ears and there is nothing. He didn't have it at all when I picked him up, it just started about 2 weeks ago. That is what the vet wants to do in 2 more weeks, he wants him to be on the cephalexin for 2 weeks and then recheck. He mentioned an autoimmune and also something else, I can't remember the name.
  5. And if you look closely you will see that "pieces" of his ear are missing. It seems to be that when the scab or crusty part falls off it takes a piece of ear as well.
  6. Does anyone know anything about this? A few weeks ago I noticed Dare had a sore on his ear flap. I chalked it up to his running in the back yard and possibly Carmen nipped his ear. No biggie, but then took him to the vet and we cleaned it up and there were no bites. In fact when we cleaned it the hair all fell off and then we noticed more sores along the edged of his ear. The vet did a skin scraping to rule out demodectic and sarcoptic mange. Those came back negative. We were sent home with cephalexin and some tresaderm. In the last few days though it seems to have worsened.
  7. kamsmom

    Siggie pics

  8. Missing Steaky...

  9. It has nothing to do with loving or not loving each other. They play rough and have thin skin. It's a recipe for large vet bills.
  10. I use mole skin on the muzzles to make it softer. You can buy it at target in the health area or even near the shoes. Some others use felt that they glue on. There are lots of different things you can use. Good luck
  11. kamsmom


    I am so sorry Trudy. He knew the best type of love from you.
  12. is thinking that I need to do more than sit on Greytalk :P.

  13. Do you have a paid email account? Most "free" email accounts are not accepted.
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    Photos of my beloved dogs.
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