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  1. That could not be more cute. Ready to go do his stuff in style.
  2. Love it. So cute and scary all at the same time!
  3. Good you don't have a shredder. I do. I wish all he did was give me longing looks from the corner, I have finally got smart about pulling them up. DUH. What a sweetie.
  4. Having a great time. Love the beach pics. Mine were always a mixed bag when we lived in Galveston and did our beach walks. One loved it, the other two were like: waves....meh.
  5. Happy birfday, Iker! Best pathetic doggie, EVER. Love him. He needs lots of cake and lovings. :-)
  6. **shyly waves hello*** I haven't logged on since........................... ?2010?? Sumpin' like that?! YIKES!!! First, I was shocked my profile was still here (thanks for not icing me!!!!) Second, I couldn't even remember what my stuff looked like...this is so I can see it...ha! So anyway, hey all "old friends" from way back machine (member since 2002!) and potential new friends Imma try to log on more often. I always enjoyed it here and learned a whole lot. I'm down to one hound right now, but he's a good one and I want to keep him in working order. See ya'll! Love from Howie/Raisin/Bull/Bea/Wyatt/Cyclone/Diaz' Mom! edit: actually may have logged on in 2013 because it looks like I updated one of their passings. Well, anyway....it's been a while!!!
  7. "I love you" on the Left; "What have you got to eat?" on the Right...:-)
  8. Beautiful Galgos......want want want one...someday. As for the "do they know Spanish?" idea..one of mine DOES know Spanish quite well (or the vocal inflections if you like...one or the other). He spent a good deal of his career down in Harlingen and Corpus Christi and I'm betting that is where he learned it. It was rather a funny surprise to find this out but one day I was talking out loud and his ears perked up like he'd just come home. Gave him a few commands and he practically nodded before carrying them out. Very, very interesting.
  9. That's awesome. I loved it. Yes, I think my dogs need a sand pit!
  10. I passed on adopting Bea the first time she was my foster because I was not sure if I was up to the task of having a dog that was THAT small dog unfriendly (at the time I was in an apt complex and I enjoyed fostering IGs from time to time and didn't want to give that up). Lo...3 years later, she was dumped off at GPA by her adopters (and I DO MEAN dumped off). She went home with me that day and never left. It was meant to be, but it was not meant to be until 3 years after I THOUGHT it was meant to be. So, you never know!
  11. Attention Stalkers of the World ( ):You can't miss Mary's scooter. Up the elevator, walk towards the clubhouse doors in the back, look to the left in the seating at the top of the stairs by the doors. There she is. If I can get my rear in gear this evening, maybe I will show up and catch a few races. Last time I was lucky and won over $100 playing quinellas (of course this does not replace the $1000s I have easily spent on Gulf's retirees over the years, it is still good to win).
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