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    Greyhounds, obviously; nature/animals (entomologist and I volunteer at a wildlife refuge, mainly with birding stuff...); travel ; music; dance. I'm also a craft geek...

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  1. I've thought for a long time that track-raised greys speak "dog" better than dogs who were taken away from mom & littermates when they were 8 weeks old and don't live with other dogs. Often, I think other breeds DON'T speak 'dog' very well! Your grey was doing the proper corrections that a momma-dog would do but goofy golden probably didn't even know what that meant!
  2. I'm so sorry, Jan. A good friend lost her dog that day as well...
  3. How horrible - I'm so very sorry....
  4. I'm so sorry, Greg.... hugs
  5. How awful... and way too young. I'm so sorry... Run free, Arteria
  6. I have too... I'm so very sorry...
  7. I'm so sorry... Kala Blu was another GT staple...
  8. I'm so sorry to see Rocket's name here... many hugs to you... Rocket will always be remembered on GT - he's one of the celebrities...
  9. I'm so very sorry - too young & too sudden... Please come back here to GT when you can - we all know what you're going through as we've all been through it ourselves... Many hugs...
  10. <swoon> I LOVE the blues!! He's gorgeous - and welcome to GreyTalk!! I'm in Maryland, US
  11. It's coming up fast!! Who will be there & where will you be? I'm going to TRY to come down for Friday day & eve, heading home Saturday... J
  12. I'm so sorry you've lost your sweet Tessa...
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