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Reko Batman


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Guest jeannejj

I am so sorry for your loss. It's always hard to say goodbye to an old friend. I know how hard that final act of love is. May you find peace in your memories.



Run free, sweet Batman.




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Guest jettcricket

I'm so sorry for your loss. I just viewed some of the pictures of your precious boy......such a handsome fellow. I'm a sucker for Roman noses....we all know that he's in a better place now and so greytful for the wonderful life that you provided for him. Sending you my heartfelt sympathy.... :grouphug:f_red

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f_yellow I'm so sorry for your loss of Batman.


Your tribute was really amazing. For some reason it just really grabbed at my heart. I can actually feel how special he was to you from just the words.

Alicia and Foster Yoshi ( pit bull) 

Always in my heart: WV's Milky Way 6/25/2000- 4/22/2013, Hank ( St Bernard/Boxer) ???? - 10/3/2017 and Sweet Pea (English bulldog)  2004 - 6/19/2019


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Guest trevdog

I'm so sorry, I'm truly saddened to hear this. Rest well Batman and meet up with my boys.....


He's one of the first greys I remember seeing pics of when I joined GT.



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Guest Jengonetothedogs

There will be a roman-nosed-shape hole in all our hearts as of this day; we grieve with you for your beautiful boy.:grouphug

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Guest rsqdogsmom

My heart is aching for you, BatMom.

I know how difficult these last few months have been getting him to eat.

You had 6 good years with him and he knew how much you loved him.

I pray that the good memories will help you through this sad time.


My deepest sympathy to you and yours.


God Speed, Batman.

Run free.

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I just have this crushing pain in my chest and a huge lump in my throat. I am so very sorry. My deepest sympathy and prayers. :(:grouphug


Oh Batman...I can just see your noble and handsome self at the Bridge getting acquainted with all of our Angels. If Angel Sophia has not spotted you yet...I know she will...she will give you sweet kissies and help you settle in at the Bridge. Run fast and free...and don't forget to send those Rainbows to your family...until you meet again...Just a heartbeat away. :f_red:f_whitef_yellow


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Bye bye Batman!


I think everyone on here will miss seeing that gorgeous nose. You were the first hound I had ever seen with the Roman nose... :wub:

Jennifer and Beamish (an unnamed Irish-born Racer) DOB: October 30, 2011


Forever and always missing my "Vowels", Icarus, Atlas, Orion, Uber, and Miss Echo, and Mojito.

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my deepest condolences. The pics of Batman and gramma are the best.................

My sweet angel Tanner-"Showoffs Magic" 79D-82695. DOB 7/22/99. Gotcha Day 6/20/05. Bridge Day 3/11/10. Big Beautiful Brave Angel Norm-"Showoffs Storm" 89B-83263. DOB 8/16/99. Gotcha Day 3/24/06. Bridge Day 4/20/13. Angel Girl Bree-"Breezy Betty" 201A-93631. DOB 2/05/01. Gotcha Day 5/11/10. Bridge Day 10/07/11. She reached the beach.... Maci-"CF's Owhatanite" 44H-29320. DOB 10/05/04. Gotcha Day 10/11/11. Greta-"Greta's Milam" 90B-54582. DOB 9/17/10. Gotcha Day 11/30/12. Bridge Day 03/30/17. Ben-"P Kay Key Train" 63A-61271. DOB 6/2/13. Gotcha Day 12/26/15.

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Guest PhillyPups

Tears flowing, so I can't see what I am typing, but please know I am so sad, hugs to you and prayers for you and for Batman -


Fly with the angels Reko Batman ~

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