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  1. Happy birthday Cuz!!!

  2. My Greta. Greta Bean. Bean Pole. Roli Poli Girl. She started with what we thought was an eye issue. She kept blinking and squinting. And then her left eye started to bulge. Got her to the vet, tested negative for TBD, but was started on doxi and eye drops and ointment. Repeat blood work a week ago and she was on the mend. Todays blood work...not so much. We made the very difficult decision to let her go. My heart is shattered...
  3. Ha! I was wondering if anyone would catch that! I'm here. Life is just crazy. Always on FB, if you're in to that.
  4. Everyone meet Ben. Ben, meet everyone. Ok, well here's a pic of meeting of his new sisters since I don't have a recent picture of you all. Ben, the dog formally known as P Kay Key Train, came home on 12/26/15. Mama2 was missing a boy dog. So now we are a family of 5. Well six really with my father living with us now. Ben has been REMARKABLY good. Crates with no real problem. He put himself in a create about an hour ago and has been there ever since. Is starting to go to the door when he needs out. SUPER friendly. Non stop tail. Leaner. Big time leaner. And....the overbite and the derp. He is hysterical. His sisters are getting used to him. My old lady MaciGrey had her snout out of joint for several days. But she's starting to actually deem to walk near him. Greta is starting to play with him, which we were really hoping for. Maci is above playing you know. So we've given up all hope of having grass in the back yard. Eh, less to mow. More to love.
  5. Just off the phone with her husband Steve. Poor thing just talked for an hour and half. I hate that we live in opposites coasts. I should be there. She was such an incrediblely sweet, gentle woman. I am going to miss her fierce.
  6. I'm just sick over it. So blessed I was able to have Step and Steve to our house for Thanksgiving 2010. The kindest, sweetest woman I've ever met. She's with her mom again, and her pain is gone. But so much pain left for us. Rest well Step. I will miss you more than I have words to express.
  7. Lol. So now you guys are making feel better about both the dental ANDY the cost. Thanks!
  8. Want to hear today's horror story? Just got the estimate. Anywhere from $458..... To $979 I'm gonna throw up.
  9. You guys really don't know how much you are helping me! Thank you! I just changed her appt to a Friday. I will take the day off and be able to be home all weekend.
  10. Thank you friends. It's going to be a long two weeks!!!!
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