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  7. I have had claims take a few days, and others take 2-3 weeks. The longest it ever took was 3 weeks. It depends on their processing load, and also your vet's response time for updated records (they need the doctor's notes from the visit you are claiming). I'm cool with it because they are clear about what they cover and they've never denied anything I thought should be claimable; and they've paid things I didn't expect to be claimable. They are always super friendly on the phone.
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  9. I've been trying to keep some larger 6-pillow pocket beds in stock, but they seem to sell even before I get them up on Etsy! Keep an eye on my facebook page, too, for earlier previews. https://www.facebook.com/TheScrappyMutt/
  10. Have you tried putting a sock over it? Cut the foot off and slide it up the leg over the area where the pins and such are.
  11. I also recommend Latifa. I had her speak with June about some specific things, and then she came out of left field telling me that June wanted me to stop changing her food. Just the day before I had gotten something new because June was looking at her food bowl in disgust and just picking at it. I didn't say a word about June's eating habits. She then told me that June didn't like the hard, crunchy food. She wanted it soft. That evening, I mixed it with water to soften it and June ate like there was no tomorrow. That alone was worth the call fee.
  12. I put a dab on his toe where the corn was and then wrapped a pantyliner on it sticky side out. Secured the liner to his foot with a piece of tape and covered the whole thing with a toddler sock. Then I used a piece of tape to keep the toddler sock up. Toddler socks are awesome for foot issues, and I have used pantyliners for leg/foot/tail issues for years. They rock because whatever you put over them has extra stick to stay in place.
  13. I have been making pillow pocket dog bed covers for a few years because they are easy for fosters. I donate most of what I make to Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue, and realized I could make more money for them by having an online presence. I also make squeaky toys and braided toys (braided toys aren't online yet) with the scraps and have some of my quilts available. Take a look! http://www.thescrappymutt.etsy.com
  14. Pam, it was right in the aisle in CVS. White box with a red (and blue) stripe. The tube is about 4" long and I used so little of it I probably won't need another tube for the rest of his life. http://www.cvs.com/search/N-0?pt=product&searchTerm=ichthammol
  15. I bought the generic ointment from CVS. I also tried the Burt's Bees ointment, but Sider hated it. I don't know if it burned or what but he would run when I came to put it on him. He didn't mind the ichthammol.
  16. Sider developed corns this summer. I had them removed when he went in for a dental, but they were back within the month. I have tried all kinds of things since then with no success (my vet required anesthesia to hull and I don't want to put a 10 yr old dog under once a month). I then read a cryptic comment about using Ichthammol Ointment to draw them out within a few days. I tried it, but I couldn't keep them ointment on him when I wasn't watching him (he would pull the coverings off overnight). I was off for the last week and put it on him every day during the day and within a few days, the corns had certainly risen right up to the surface and I was able to pry one of them right out. I put the ointment on the other two the next day again and they both came right out!!! Just wanted to share.
  17. Meredith is right. The best vets are the ones willing to research and learn. I actually bought one of the Care of the Retired and Racing Greyhound books and gave it to my vet's office. They use it as a reference whenever they see a greyhound.
  18. I try to build rapport with all of the vets so when it is an emergency it doesn't matter who is there. There was one vet that almost killed Lady, and I did refuse to see her. She has since moved on so I'm happy.
  19. If you see other people on your same walking schedule, it may help for her to make another dog friend to walk with
  20. Another thought about other dogs... can you make friends with someone else who walks around the same times and then walk together? That may help her get more comfortable with other dogs/breeds.
  21. Yeah, that about sums up their races in the back yard. Junie is still a quick little thing and Sider gets frustrated that he can't catch her
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