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Found 16 results

  1. Ivy came to live with us just 2 days ago. She's 4. She is so sweet and gentle and lovely. She has done so well, learning so many new things, the biggest of which are the stairs. We live in a townhouse, 3 storey. Living room and kitchen are on the 1st floor so we had to teach her stairs on the 1st day. She's not a fan, very tentative, but unsurprisingly going up or down is not a problem when I happen to be carrying freshly toasted lemon pancakes... But the rest of the time she is quite reluctant and coaxing her downstairs and out for toilet takes a while each time. First thing this morning
  2. We are thinking of adopting a greyhound and live in a 3rd floor flat. Anyone have experience of teaching a greyhound to use stairs like these? Is it doable?
  3. I have read posts about older greys having trouble going up and down stairs. I have the same problem with my 12 year old male. Has anyone found an effective way to help these dogs to negotiate the stairs?
  4. Hi all! My husband and I have had our first greyhound, Willow, for about a week, and couldn't be happier. She's been off the track for about 6 weeks- 5 of those in a foster house with other greyhounds. She's incredibly sweet and gentle with us, and for the most part has been a dream so far. While she isn't scared of people, and already seems attached to us, she is definitely very timid about floors, exploring the house, toys, and especially STAIRS. We live on a second floor two flat, so she has to use the stairs to go outside 4x/day. We came into this with eyes wide open, and I knew
  5. Hi, I've had my greyhound for about a year now; he just turned 4. When I first got him he was terrible walking on a lead -- he would jump up and even back out of his martingale collar. After he managed to do this once, I put him in a harness and he's been safe ever since. With his leg that was broken, it took him months to learn how to walk up the stairs without being rewarded with treats at every step, and weeks to learn how to walk on a lead without constantly trying to get off of it. While now he is pretty good on walks and on the stairs, I would like to work with him more on his behavior a
  6. My husband and I recently moved cross country from Portland OR to Pittsburgh PA with our two older greyhounds, Lea, 12 and Elliott, 11. They have had to adapt to a lot of changes over the last few months - flying cross country, living with me in the daylight basement at my aunt and uncle's home outside of Washington DC for over 2 months while we house hunted and waited for our closing date. Most of that time my husband was in Portland preparing for our move. They accompanied us on several long drives back and forth from DC to Pittsburgh (4 1/2 hours each way), then finally we moved into our n
  7. Hello everyone! I just adopted a fairly young retired racing Greyhound last week! Her name is Trace and shes 1.6years old! So I have a few problems (not huge ones, but need some advice). For starters- STAIRS. She can do outside stairs, inside stairs, but NOT my apartment stairs. Don't know why they frighten her to death, the one staircase I really need her to do she refuses big time; but were working on it. My main problem- is that she is not excited for anything. She doesn't want to go on walks (I'm thinking a big part of that is her having to go down the stairs). I know she h
  8. We've had Auggie (2-3/4 yrs old, 70 lbs of fun) for a little over a month now. We have a steep flight of 12 wooden steps, with carpet treads, that lead to our bedroom where he sleeps at night. My husband carries him up every night, and down every morning. We have tried getting him to do the stairs a few times now, alternating one foot at a time and keeping the same pattern, and rewarding him with chicken every step, but he stays stiff as a board and shivers. The only movement we get is the movement we create (and of course, from his sniffer as he tries to find the chicken). Can anyone out
  9. Hi Greyhound lovers, Help:) Looking for some advice. I recently adopted a beautiful 5 years greyhound, Pluto, brought him home on Saturday to where I live on the beach directly off Pacific Coast Highway. He had been doing great the first few days, adapting to the condo, the beach and everything new. Until yesterday. He learned the stairs that go up and down to my condo entrance right away, but since yesterday, all of the sudden, he refuses to go up them. And its the only way in and out of my condo. And the only way he can get to the street (PCH) or anywhere else to the go to the bathroom. I he
  10. Good day all, I am a new greyhound mama, and so happy to find this supportive and informative discussion group! Our boy Cyclone came home with us three weeks ago, and (although he mostly sleeps and isn't very social indoors) is a better dog than I dared imagine! We were well prepared with tips and tricks to help him learn to go up and down stairs (we live in a third floor apartment), and he took to it suprisingly quickly. On only the second or third day he was going up and down like a pro (only sometimes a little too fast). Just a few nights ago, we were remarking how nice and slow he come
  11. Foster boy Jasper arrived knowing none of his basic commands (sit, down and stay). This came as a big surprise because he went through a program where he was supposed to have been taught at least that top 3. He's also having trouble with stairs, which he was supposed to have been taught. He takes short staircases by leaping the entire thing and freezes up on steep staircases. I've encouraged Riley to go up and down to show Jasper how it's done. I've also been moving each his paws one at a time for him and placing them on the steps to get him up. When we get to the last few steps he leaps
  12. Hello! Just got my Talos tonight and I've run into a bit of a snag... My bedroom and any usable shower and/or bed is upstairs. My dog knows what stairs are and learned about them in a prison program. But he hasn't connected that my stairs are the same type of deal as the prison stairs. Originally, I wanted his crate up in my room next to my bed. That's obviously not working out. Right now, my solution is to crate him downstairs and hang out on the couch, but just for tonight. What I want to know is how to proceed. I'm concerned that if I go sleep upstairs and leave him down,
  13. Hi. This is the first time I've posted here, so here is a brief introduction to our Greyhound: Dash is a 7 year old female greyhound. We adopted Dash in February of 2011; She was 4 years old at the time and had raced for about 2 years in West Virginia. We live on the second floor of a building in Brooklyn, NY. Three weeks ago we got a diagnosis of Osteosercoma in her right rear leg after some xrays were taken. (She had been limping on and off since March, but that is another story). Two weeks ago we had the leg amputated. Chemotherapy began this week. So, two weeks post surgery,
  14. So.... I have a silly, but kinda serious question. Does anyone's greyhound go up and down carpeted "open" spiral stairs?? We go on vacation a hand full of times to my uncle's lake home in Tofte, Mn on Lake Superior. The only stairs between the first and second floors are a set of spiral stairs. The first and only time we brought PJ up there was a few weeks ago and he wasn't having anything to do with them. He does great with normal carpeted stairs. We are going up again in a few weeks and I don't want to scare my already spooked dog more, but I'd like him to learn the stairs. Any advice??
  15. Our new adopted greyhound has been with us for 6 days now, and almost everything has been perfect during our honeymoon stage. Everything except the stairs that is. She is 5 yrs old. We have hardwood floors, and our bedroom is on the 2nd floor. We read up extensively on teaching a grey to climb stairs & we've tried everything...standing behind & moving front legs then back, then we tried the treats up the stairs, I even have climbed the stairs on all fours as one site suggested. We've praised instead of scolding every single time. We've not tried to force her up by her collar, and
  16. Hello everyone! I am a new parent and was wondering if I could ask for some advice for my two new Greys. I have only had them for a week, so I am sure that a lot of this is just impatience on my part... Any good advice for teaching stairs? We have tried treats, leading them up and down on a leash, me it front, hubby in back. One has expressed some interest and one has absolutely no desire to do stairs... I know miracles aren't worked in a day. I just hope I am doing it right and not scaring them in the meantime. We brought both males home at the same time. Is there an amoun
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